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  • 4 Enclosure Cooling Methods that Prevent Plant Shut-Down
    In industrial facilities, electronic equipment is frequently used for motor control and most machines are PLC controlled. This use of electronic equipment has increased electrical enclosure heat loads because of the high heat dissipation characteristics of electronic equipment. At the same time,
  • Cooling Systems for Electronic Enclosures
    method is. explained and the advantages of thermoelectric air. conditioners are examined as compared to the other. cooling methods.
  • Choosing a Cooling System for Electrical Enclosures
    Learn how to select the right cooling method for your application needs. Selecting a cooling system for an electrical enclosure is an important task that is not always as simple as it might seem. The consequences of choosing the wrong system often result in long-term maintenance issues or equipment
  • Thermoelectric Cooling for Industrial Enclosures (.pdf)
    The utilization of thermoelectric technology to cool industrial enclosures can provide a number of significant advantages for certain applications when compared to "conventional" cooling methods like vapor-compression refrigeration and water-cooled systems such as air conditioners and air-to-water
  • Computer Power User Article - Cooling
    Excessive heat will damage any electronic component, so it is extremely important to channel heat away from the device. Traditional cooling techniques have served us well in the past, but the processors of tomorrow could generate so much heat that these customary cooling methods may no longer
  • Integrated cooling system lets chips beat the heat
    Ever-increasing power density in highperformance ICs has pushed the limits of conventional cooling methods such as heat sinks and fans. But a technique that puts liquid-cooling channels onto the backs of ICs could significantly boost cooling rates and make 3D chips more practical, say developers
  • DC Brushless Cooling Fan Behavior
    DC Brushless cooling fans have a long history of being an effective method of cooling electronic circuits. Today, DC brushless cooling fans are found in new applications and are being evaluated by engineers that may not have previously used fans in their products. These engineers may
  • Cooling and Heating Load Calculation Principles
    Cooling and Heating Load Calculation Principles. Serving as a learning tool for engineers, designers and students, this text teaches load calculation principles through two new methods, heat balance principles and radiant time series (RTS), for calculating loads in non-residential buildings.
  • Cool Thermodynamics: The Engineering and Physics of Predictive, Diagnostic and Optimization Methods for Cooling Systems
    Cool Thermodynamics: The Engineering and Physics of Predictive, Diagnostic and Optimization Methods for Cooling Systems. Geared toward those interested in the engineering and physics of air-conditioning and refrigeration devices (chillers), this book focuses on mechanical (electrically-driven
  • Economized Data Center Cooling-Defining Methods & Implementation Practices (.pdf)
    Data center owners and operators are in constant pursuit of methods to further reduce their energy costs and negative impact on the environment. For many years, economizing methods have been used in conjunction with cooling systems found in both commercial and industrial settings to cut energy

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