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  • Improved Cooling Tower Maintenance: The Cool, Hard Facts
    Water & Wastewater International, November 2007 -- Proper maintenance of cooling towers can be a dangerous, expensive and tedious undertaking. Here's some information on ways to make the process easier. A cooling tower 's components are complex, often requiring unique capabilities for meeting
  • Drive Helps Gear Dyno Keep its Cool
    , load torque. Such unwanted load-torque variations hurt test accuracy. Complex oil-to-water heat exchangers and cooling towers help but don't eliminate the heating problem. Also considered was an eddy-current drive and load absorber. But this arrangement also needs a cooling tower to dissipate heat
  • Direct Contact Heat Transfer using No. 2 Type-K Tellerette (R) Tower Packing (.pdf)
    A customer with a sulfuric acid reclamation facility needed to cool a saturated air stream or closed loop process operation. The 10,000 CFM air stream at 165° F. had to be cooled to 110°F. The existing equipment was only able to achieve 125°F. Cooling liquid availability included a large quantity
  • Application: Cheese Making
    where it is compressed under its own weight for about 35 minutes. VACUUM is applied to pull out excess whey and air trapped during pressing. It. helps to cool the cheese which allows it to cure more evenly. At the bottom of. the tower 20 kg (44 Lbs) blocks of cheese
  • Effective Monitoring of Cooling Towers
    mainly for road salt. The potash is hoisted to surface where it goes through a concentrator. There it has all the impurities removed and is sized to the needs of customers all across the world. Potash is mainly used in the fertilizer industry, being one of the three main ingredients. Cooling towers
  • Why Measure Conductivity?
    of dissolved solids in cooling tower water, boiler feedwater, process rinse water, or even our cool, refreshing summer drink. Conductivity is measured in Siemens (S) per centimeter (the inverse of Ohms per centimeter), and is the ratio of induced current to applied voltage across a one centimeter gap
  • Smart Computing Article - How To Install . . .Power Supplies
    How To Install . . .Power Supplies October 1999 Vol.7 Issue 10 Add To My Personal Library How To Install . . .Power Supplies One thing every personal computer has in common is a need for a power supply. Whether you have a slim-line desktop PC or a full-sized floor standing tower PC, somewhere
  • Computer Power User Article - AMD Athlon 64 3800+ & DFI LANParty nF4 SLI-DR
    64 and FX processors. This board comes with a ton of extras, including the PC Transpo case harness for lugging your tower from LAN party to LAN party, rounded UV-reactive IDE and floppy cables, and the FrontX 5.25-inch modular drive bay. That extra PCI-E slot and the usual LANParty trappings come

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