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  • Bacteria-Killing Filter Media for Cooling Towers
    Biofilm, scaling and corrosion were winning the battle in the cooling tower of this Washington, D.C.'s 10-story hotel. Resulting operational ine?fficiencies in the 200-ton, multi-stack cooling tower led to guests complaining about hot, muggy rooms.
  • Groundbreaking Filter Media Technology Destroys Waterborne Bacteria In Cooling Towers
    This technical report outlines the efficacy of Pathex (R) filter media at controlling common types of. waterborne bacteria present in cooling water, as demonstrated by field tests on cooling towers in. two North Georgia manufacturing facilities. Three separate field performance tests of Pathex
  • Is Your Cooling Tower Water Filter Missing 85% of Suspended Solids?
    An effective cooling tower water filtration system removes suspended particles to reduce turbidity and prevent scaling and corrosion in your equipment. But not all filters are created equal. Most filters capture only the largest solids, making the cooling water appear clear but actually leaving
  • MBF Filters Excel in Ethanol Plant (.pdf)
    An ethanol production plant required RO treated water for their boilers, cooling towers, and fermentation process. In all cases the incoming water was first treated by an RO membrane. Additional post RO treatment was then used to meet the water quality requirements of the end use of the water
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part II: HVAC, Boilers and Cogeneration
    air filtration technologies that trap particles in the ultra-fine range (0.001-0.1 microns), a range for which current filter technologies are not effective, might reduce the energy necessary for reheating/re-cooling cleanroom air [8]. In many instances, water cooling requirements can be met

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