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Parts by Number for Cooling Tower Nozzle Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
6"-Iron   Eaton Filtration Strainers for cleaning or replacement. The Model 30R is a cost effective choice for moderate pressure applications. These include water service in swimming pools, cooling towers and large air conditioning installations. The clamp type cover is easily removed without tools making basket cleaning or change outs quick...

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  • Hospital Discovers Cure for Chronically Dirty Cooling Towers (.pdf)
    ( 14872-AB-209.indd ) ) Application Bulletin. Hospital Discovers Cure for Chronically Dirty Cooling Towers. Application: Cooling Tower - Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma City, OK. System Identification: 2400 ton chilled water system consisting of 5 chillers, a seven cell cooling. tower @300 nominal
  • Choosing Manifolds For Mould Cooling
    Manifolds are common auxiliaries in a plastics injection moulding shop. They are key components of mould water cooling circuits. Their primary function is to route cooling water from the tower or chiller to the water passages in the mould, then collect the warmer water leaving the mould
  • Ultrasonic Level Control: Water in Sump of Cooling Tower
    . the water cooling tower. Mounting nozzle attached. to sump well top. Sensor protection. To protect the sensor from environmen-. tal influences, the sensor is installed in a. plastic cap that fits into a nozzle on top of. the sump. The sensor can be removed and. installed without the need for tools
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization Manual
    Wash Nozzles……..…. 24. 4.9 NC Series Mist Eliminator Wash Spray Nozzles……. 25. 4.10 WL & SC Series Mist Eliminator Wash Nozzles…... 26. 4.12 TF-XP(N) Series Cooling Pond Spray Nozzles……... 27. Copyright© 2006 BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc. All rights reserved. This document and all designs,. developments
  • Today's Techniques for Heat Exchanger Protection Via Particle Filtration (.pdf)
    to function optimally. If a water treatment. that disperse water into a cooling tower’s fill area. program is effective, then equipment fouling should be. Clogged nozzles upset the balance of flow and create. reduced substantially, which in turn will make the entire. uneven/inconsistent wetting
  • Plastics Processing Applications: Textile Fiber Production
    and temperature are highly critical. The spin pumps provide the required smooth, constant melt flow, independent of small variations in the extruder rate. After forming, the filaments drop vertically into a continuous cooling tower where the strands solidify under forced air. Depending on the application
  • Inspection and Repair of Zirconium Equipment During Turnaround (.pdf)
    a zirconium exchanger was opened for inspection. This exchanger. has cooling water on the tube side and acetic acid on the shell side. While performing the initial. inspection, the tubesheet on the inlet side of the exchanger was found to have cooling tower debris. lodged into multiple tubes. After
  • How Does a Generator Create Electricity? How Generators Work
    removes heat from the generator and transfers it through a heat exchanger into a secondary cooling circuit that contains de-mineralized water as a coolant. This is why very large generators and small power plants often have large cooling towers next to them. For all other common applications, both