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    Cooling Tunnels - (36 companies)
    Administration (FDA) establishes requirements for cooling tunnel components that are used in food processing applications. Industrial applications for cooling tunnels require conveyor belts that are made of more durable materials. Typically... Learn More
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    Process Dryers - (675 companies)
    ...the material to the surface of the drum permitting air to pass through the material being dried. A portion of the drum at the transfer has no suction and permits the material to transfer to the next drum without interference. Tunnel dryers consist... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Ovens (Industrial) - (501 companies)
    Industrial ovens are batch or continuous process enclosures or tunnels that are insulated and used for thermal processing. Ovens are lower temperature (usually < 1400 F) thermal processing units, usually without refractory insulation. Image Credit... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electronic Cooling Fans - (571 companies)
    Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices. Image Credit: Allied Electronics, Inc. | Digi-Key Corporation | APC by Schneider Electric. Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices such as computers and appliances... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cooling Towers - (241 companies)
    Cooling towers are defined as any open water recirculation device that uses fans or natural draft to draw or force air to contact and cool water by evaporation. How to Select Cooling Towers. Image Credit: DME Company, Baltimore Aircoil Company... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Refrigerants, Antifreezes, and Cooling Liquids - (210 companies)
    Primary refrigerants use a thermodynamic or adiabatic process (evaporation-condensation cycles) to remove heat and cool a region. Secondary refrigerants such as antifreeze liquids provide cooling solely through heat transfer. Refrigerants... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tunnel Diodes - (20 companies)
    Tunnel Diodes Information. Tunnel diodes are heavily doped P-N diodes in which electron tunneling from the conduction band in the N-type material to the valence band in the P-type region produces a region of negative resistance... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Food Additives - (452 companies)
    ...additives, especially those used for preservation or processing, have made portable, long-lasting, low-calorie foods ubiquitous. Natural, unprocessed food additives -- such as salt, vinegar, oil, and lye -- have been used to preserve food and prevent... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wind Tunnels - (15 companies)
    ...moved by a series of powerful fans and is mixed with smoke, suspended particles, or oil to visualize aerodynamic effects. A vehicle within a wind tunnel, showing a visualized airstream. Image credit: SeriousWheels. Wind tunnels are typically classified... Learn More
  • Food and Beverage Gases - (31 companies)
    ...credits: Ozone Shop Video via YouTube. Reactive gases are used to kill microorganisms that may be present on foods or in water; it is an essential part of food manufacture. Most of the microbial mechanisms within the following gases are also harmful... Learn More
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= rapid heating, fast cooling down - High mechanical strength - Safe: no fi re risk - Power density up to 60 W/cm2 - Heater shape free to choose: round, square etc. - also for large surfaces and indirect heating. leaflet PEMS.indd Thick Film Heaters. Ferro Techniek is highly specialised in making... a stable. temperature very. quickly, which facilitates. calibration. The thermoelectric. cooling elements in an. ice point calibration. FSB-4, 130 lb-capacity fluidized. reference chamber. sand bath temperature probe calibrator. produce a very precise,. stable temperature of. 0°C. Although...

...and cooling design creates a steady environment without the concerns of relying on conventional HVAC processes for proper storage temperatures. Posted in Case Study, Process Heating. Tagged Cabinet, Constant temperature, Process Heating. Author LEWCO. Return to What's New. Homepage. Categories...

) the responsibility to set emission standards aimed at protecting air quality. Outside- Versus Inside-Mounted Seals, Pump Input Power & Rotodynamic Pump Motor Cooling. Q. What are the advantages of single, outside-mounted seals versus that of single, inside-mounted seals?. Why Root Cause Analysis Fails...

...try to recommend core & cavity materials based upon what we know about the project - part material, production amounts, life of the program, cycle requirements, expected maintenance, etc.]. SPI #3 Cavity Finish. Water/Cooling lines in Cores and Cavities (and in sub-inserts & slide bodies if feasible...

...unprotected or waste energy by allowing heating or cooling to escape. Auto Start Systems. Auto Start Systems are available on most models and allow the system to start when enough waste is loaded into the chamber. This is best used in applications where minimal waste is thrown away at a time...

...two-phase heat-transfer solutions for electronics cooling. Heat-pipe solutions are employed to cool medical equipment, microprocessors, RF amplifiers, industrial drives, motor controllers, test equipment, and cabinet enclosures. Stand 2013 Titan Scan Systems Focuses on the development...

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The primary use of large, industrial cooling towers is to remove the heat absorbed in the circulating cooling water systems used in power plants,

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6.5.1 Industry initiatives 6.5.2 Restrictions The reaction is exothermic, and thus requires cooling.

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