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  • Tunnel Diodes-Image
    Tunnel Diodes - (21 companies)
    Tunnel Diodes Information. Tunnel diodes are heavily doped P-N diodes in which electron tunneling from the conduction band in the N-type material to the valence band in the P-type region produces a region of negative resistance...
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    Hand Soap Dispensers - (26 companies)
    Hand soap dispensers conveniently distribute surfactant compounds near sinks so users can clean their hands. Hand soap dispensers are a mechanism that distributes soap for users to clean their hands. They dispense liquid or foam surfactant compounds...
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    Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) - (14 companies)
    Tunnel boring machines (TBM) are used in subsurface mining operations to excavate tunnels through rock strata and surrounding sedimentary deposits. They consist of a rotating cutting wheel fitted to a series of thrusting mechanisms and conveyors...
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  • Wind Tunnel Testing Services-Image
    Wind Tunnel Testing Services - (31 companies)
    Wind tunnel testing services provide test facilities and technical staff for aerodynamic testing. Tests may be performed on prototype aircraft, helicopters, trains, cars, or buildings; or for research and development (R &D) purposes. Wind Tunnel...
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  • Sprayers and Spray Coating Equipment-Image
    Sprayers and Spray Coating Equipment - (409 companies)
    Sprayers and spray coating equipment refers to any component used in a variety of industrial spraying processes, including application tools, handling equipment, and supplemental machines. They are used in the process of atomizing coatings, paints, lubricants, solvents, deicing liquids, chemicals, and powders so they can be spray-applied to a surface.
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    Bags and Sacks - (837 companies)
    Bags and sacks are used for a wide variety of storage, packaging and shipping applications. They include bags and sacks made of all kinds of materials.
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    Laboratory Refrigerators - (105 companies)
    Laboratory refrigerators are used to cool samples or specimens for preservation. They include refrigeration units for storing blood plasma and other blood products, as well as vaccines and other medical or pharmaceutical supplies. They differ from...
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    Electronic Cooling Fans - (558 companies)
    Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices. Description. Electronic cooling fans move air to cool electronic devices such as computers and appliances. They are also used in telecommunications, military, and general industrial...
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    Coolant Systems - (62 companies)
    Coolant systems pump liquids to cool and lubricate workpieces and cutting tools. Coolant Systems pump liquids to cool and lubricate work pieces and cutting tools. A coolant system removes excess heat from an engine. When the engine burns fuel, only...
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    Cooling Tunnels - (36 companies)
    Cooling tunnels ensure controlled temperature reduction in both batch and continuous process systems. They are similar to air convention ovens, but have no heating capacity. Cooling tunnels use blowers to force ambient air or outside air...
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  • Oils, Detergents and Maintenance Specialties, Volume 1, Materials and Processes
    cutter (TV); g, Cooling tunnel (TR); h, Automatic stamper was found that the foots, which is a by-product, could serve as the fatty material for the manufacture of soap powder.
  • Models, Mysteries and Magic of Molecules
    Salicylideneaniline derivative, 111 Salt pan evaporites, 1, 20 Salts in SNC Martian meteorites, 14 Sample cooling , 41 SAXS, 171 Scanning tunneling microscope (STM), 255, 256, 263, 264, 266, 270 … … 238, 249 Snow flakes, 233–236, 241 SNP, 51 Soaps , 219 Soft networks, 89 …
  • Hand rehabilitation
    - Refrigerating spray 117, 118, cold air 117, 118 116, contraindications 116, 200, cooling gel 117, 118, mildness 195, 200, nail … … peripheral perfusion, rolling ice 117, 118, liquid soap -gel pad 117, 119 … … 299-reduction of the tunnel capacity 298, increase of …
  • Dictionary GeoTechnik / Dictionary Geotechnical Engineering
    … m in the metallic state, metallic hydrogen ● metallic hydrogen hydrogen attack m ● hydrogen attack of hydrogen bond f ● hydrogen bond hydrogen explosion f [e.g. in a nuclear power station because of deficient cooling of the fuel assemblies] ● … ● hydrogen embrittlement hydrogen sulfide n, hydrogen sulfide m ● hydrogen sulfid(e) (US); hydrogen sulphid(e) water gallery m (⚒) > Rösche water gallery m ● water (conveyance) gallery; water (conveyance) tunnel (US) water jet m … … jet) cutting water jet soap recovery .
  • Kirk-Othmer Chemical Technology of Cosmetics
    Using these combined advances, throughputs approaching conventional milled soaps can now be achieved. A number of different machine designs exist but in all cases the same basic process is used: the hot melt is injected into individual molds, and these are then either passed through a cooling tunnel after which the bars are removed from …
  • - Gardening Resource Site
    Use soap sprays such as Safer's, or make your own spray (recipe below).

    Root maggots

    A serious pest in many cool climate gardens, root or cabbage maggots tunnel into the stems and roots of turnips, radishes, Brussels sprouts and other members of the cabbage family.

  • Animal Locomotion
    The mechanism is driven by a reduced electric motor (water cooled ) that spins at moderate frequencies (4– … … of the flapping foil with respect to the free-stream velocity of the soap -film, which is … … can gen- erate harmonic kinematics by tracking the foil in the soap film tunnel with our high …
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    … PHONE HANDSET,2,0,93.911,91.171,91.171 201005,430339,ELECTRIC COOLING FAN,2,1 … … LIP GLOSS,2,1,101.546,100.908,100.908 201005,520247,LIQUID SOAP 200-300ML,1 … … 201005,620105,OTHER UNDERGROUND/METRO FARES,0,0,100,100,100 201005,620106,EURO TUNNEL FARES,0,0 …
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  • item_indices_2012_q2.csv (
    … PHONE HANDSET,2,0,99.951,97.137,97.137 201205,430339,ELECTRIC COOLING FAN,2,1 … … LIP GLOSS,2,1,99.046,98.476,98.476 201205,520247,LIQUID SOAP 200-300ML,1 … … 201205,620105,OTHER UNDERGROUND/METRO FARES,0,0,100,100,100 201205,620106,EURO TUNNEL FARES,0,0 …