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Engineering Web Search: Copper Damascene Powder Innovations: Speeding-up Your Computer in the 21st...
A Copper Alliance Member Applications Architecture Copper in Architecture Awards Featured Projects
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'Microtexture and Strain in Electroplated Copper Interconnects' R. Spolenak, D.L. Barr, M.E. Gross, K. Evans-Lutherodt, W.L. Brown, N. Tamura, A.A.

Tantalum-titanium alloy:alloy barrier layers for...
Powder Metallurgy Technology News of Molybdenum Tungsten?Carbide Powder Pure Tungsten Tungsten Welding Electrodes

Publications in Materials Reliability Division
formation and growth at the interface of Tin-based solder alloys and copper substrates.? Second Int. Brazing and Soldering Conference, San Diego, CA,

7DEOH RI &RQWHQWV Executive Summary .....1 Technical...
Electrodeposited Copper for On-chip Interconnects: Tools for the Microelectronics Industry .......................................................10

Program Information I1
Characterization and Control of Copper/Barrier Chemical Mechanical Polishing In Damascene Processing Using Non-contact Capacitive Measurements - R.
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Dow Corning Opens PECVD Dielectrics Application Lab -...
Z3MS CVD Dielectric is a high-performance precursor that is compatible with copper damascene and aluminum applications.
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Optics & Battery Materials | Product Profiles | AGC SEIMI...
? Copper interconnection damascene process For copper interconnection materials, we offer 2-step abrasive slurry using copper and barrier-metals,

Chemistry of Semiconductor Device Fabrication Graduate School,...
Damascene copper Since Cu has a lower resistivity and higher electromigration resistance than Al and its alloys, which have been used in the

IBM Technical Journals
Copper Corrosion Cosmic rays Counters Damascene process Data compression Data encryption standard (DES)

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