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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TYPE17-5 Global Industrial Uniweld Products, Inc. Not Provided Tip For 1/4"- 1/2" Metal (Welding) Or 3" Copper Tubing (Brazing)
MTW-2 Global Industrial Uniweld Products, Inc. Not Provided Tip For 5/64" Metal (Welding) Or 1" Copper Tubing (Brazing)
FA-030 Global Industrial Amko Displays Llc Not Provided Antique Style Earring Display, 12" W X 12" H, Metal, Copper
MS100 Global Industrial Krylon Products Group-Sherwin-Williams Not Provided Dupli-Color ® Metal Flake Paint Burnt Copper 11 Oz. Aerosol - Ms100
TYPE17-1 Global Industrial Uniweld Products, Inc. Not Provided Tip For 3/32" Metal (Welding) Or 3/4" Copper Tubing (Brazing)
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  • * Copper Concentrate Analysis by Pressed Powder Method
    Copper is one of the essential base metals in modern. infrastructure. It is used for construction, electronics,. machinery, automobile and marine vessel etc. in the. form of electric cable and copper alloys. Copper ore mined as mainly sulfide ore is usually. shipped as concentrate of 20 - 40%
  • Copper Graphite
    Copper graphite is a composite mixture of graphite and copper metal (~15 to 95%), resulting in a material with higher conductivity than pure graphite and lower friction or sticking than pure copper in sliding contact applications. Typically, the copper bonds the graphite together to form continuous
  • Copper
    shapes, forgings, wire, and castings. These metals are grouped according to composition into several general categories: coppers, high-copper alloys, brasses, leaded brasses, bronzes, aluminum bronzes, silicon bronzes, copper nickels, and nickel silvers. Copper-based alloys form adherent films
  • Laser Spot Welding of Copper to Stainless Steel
    successfully. The high power density obtained by using a 50 mm focal length lens (normally a cutting lens) produces high quality spot welds. Although much academic work has been carried out on welding dissimilar metals, this process is not widely used in industry. In this case, the appearance of the copper
  • Copper Interconnect on GaAs pHEMT by Evaporation Process
    is the limited choice of barrier. metallized area can range from 20 to 40%. Many attempts. metals. The sputtered seed layer can incorporate refractory. to find a substitute for Au focus on Copper (Cu). The choice. metals and metal-nitrides; some of which are not suitable for. is logical. Cu has
  • Nondestructive Testing of Nonferrous Tubes, In Particular Copper Tubes
    on the products. These requirements can be met using nondestructive testing methods. Nondestructive testing, in particular eddy-current testing as one of these methods, has long proven its worth for in-process testing of these products. Tubes made of copper are particularly important in this respect, both
  • Green Lasers, Red Metals (.pdf)
    materials such as plastics, wood or rubber. Also, fundamental-mode 1064 nanometer pulsed Nd:YAG lasers interact well with non-copper metals such as stainless and cold-rolled steel, high nickel alloys and some aluminums.
  • Back to the future with copper brazing
    For copper alloys, both soldering and brazing call for melting a filler metal, flowing it into the joint, and binding it with the base metal. However, solders melt belo w 450 C while brazing, by definition, uses filler metals with higher melting points. At brazing temperatures, the filler metal

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