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rp-ml-1996: EDM Electrodes
EDM Electrodes From: Brent Eric Stucker ( Date: Mon Nov 04 1996 - 23:36:40 EET

rp-ml-1997: Re: RP and EDM
It cuts materials faster than graphite and copper electrodes, with a wear ratio (wear of electrode divided by wear of workpiece) that is MUCH lower

Continual Improvement
It is zirconium boron/copper (ZrB2/Cu), a metal-matrix ceramic.
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UHTCs: Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Materials for Extreme...
nonoxide refractory compounds (SiC, Si3N4, are very high, approaching copper at materials will undergo oxidation to MoSi2, etc.) possess excellent
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Synthesis of Ceramic Eutectics Using Microwave Processing
8C. M. Chen, L. T. Zhang and W. C. Zhou, "Characterization of LaB6-ZrB2 Eutectic Composite Grown by the Floating Zone Method," J. Crystal Growth, 191

Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics - An Introduction to...
Copper Corrosion Design Elastomer Electronic
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Fabrication of copper nanowires by eelectrodeposition uusing...
Fabrication of copper nanowires by eelectrodeposition uusing anodic aluminum oxide template

Corona-discharge electrodes for improved electrostatic...
Corona-discharge electrodes for improved electrostatic separation of electroinsulating materials

Program - Symposium XX: Computational Materials Design in...

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