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  • Lemon Products Division, Sunkist Growers, Inc., Corona, CA
    supervision by several operators to ensure quality. The process was relatively slow, power requirements were considerable, and the processing generated an undesirable amount of air pollution.
  • E-Field Distribution on HV Insulators' End-Fitting
    E-field plays a major role in the aging processes of insulators mainly because it is the factor that triggers partial discharges and corona phenomenon. Insulators are directly affected by E-field both in their long and short term performances due to corona and arcing. The aim of this article
  • Glossary of Common Powder Coating Terms
    between particles. Corona Charge: The process of inducing a static electric charge on powder particles by passing the powder through an electrostatic field generated by a high voltage device. Electrostatic Spray Technique: A deposition method of spraying and charging powder so that it is deposited
  • Medical Device Link .
    Spotlight on Pressure Sensitives and Adhesives Custom-designed medical-grade adhesive products are supplied by a company with manufacturing capabilities that include coating, slitting, and corona treatment of up to 60-in. widths. Knife-over-roll and gravure processes enable customization
  • Medical Device Link .
    ) are treated via an in-line corona discharge process. is that it is a way to increase the surface tension of
  • MES Goes Prime Time
    reason is that too many manufacturers continue to depend on homegrown operational systems, manual procedures, and paper-based records. "We still have more of a manual system," says Phil Lofty, computer systems manager for quality assurance at Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Corona, Calif.). "But I 'm
  • Medical Device Link .
    such as corona discharge, flame and plasma treatment can be used to increase the wettability and reactivity of
  • Medical Device Link .
    Figure 1). This property overcomes the need for surface modifications, such as corona treatment, acid etch, or anodization, that are subject to time-related stability issues and higher costs due to complex production processes. This article examines the surface behavior of hydrophilic adhesives

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