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  • Power Factor Correction
    This whitepaper discusses power factor correction (PFC), which is a commonly employed method to reduce harmonic distortion and increase efficiency in an AC power source. ./2f9dad14-20ad-4bc2-b2c6-92585d68fd90 The Power of Value. Power Factor Correction. Nicholas Piotrowski, Associated Power
  • Optimize Power Factor Correction Inductors
    Until now, most inductors used for Power Factor Correction have been custom designed for their application, resulting in higher costs and longer lead times. Custom and Standard Magnetic Components and Custom Transformer Design - Precision, Inc. | Precision, Inc. 800-749-3677 Login Submit RFQ
  • Amplitude And Energy Correction - A Brief Summary
    bandwidth of the windowing function used (e.g. Hanning Window = 1.5). This effective noise bandwidth is included as a named element in all spectrum calculations performed with the DATS software. Energy Corrected Spectrum. Amplitude and Energy correction of spectra is just a scaling factor
  • Drift Correction (.pdf)
    problematic since they require the longest dwell times. Drift correction A P P L I C A T I O N N O T E. Drift Correction. Samples being analyzed in a scanning electron. Charging and drift can be a significant problem when. microscope can build up a charge from the beam. working at high magnification
  • AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    AN1106 Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications (R) Using the dsPIC DSC The low cost and high performance capabilities of the Author: Vinaya Skanda DSC, combined with a wide variety of power electronic Microchip Technology Inc. peripherals such as an Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC
  • Factors that Determine Symbol Readability (.pdf)
    correction. •. Element size. •. Mark consistency. Microscan Training Materials ©Microscan Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Contrast. •. Good contrast ensures the imager. will be able to differentiate. between the light and dark. elements of the symbol and. properly filter out additional noise
  • Ther Versatility of the Vibrating Element (.pdf)
    on the value of hydrogen and errors in the gas measurement caused by background gas. assumptions can be costly. The Wood River refinery also uses vibrating element devices to correct orifice type flowmeters for changes in fuel gas specific. gravity. The correction is important for flow meter accuracy
  • Finite Element Correction for Stress Relaxation in Complex Geometries (.pdf)
    Subsurface x-ray diffraction residual stress measurements are necessary to fully assess the magnitude and depth of stress distributions. Layers of material must be removed for subsurface measurement electrolytically to avoid plastic deformation.

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