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  • Metal Valves for Highly Corrosive Applications (.pdf)
    This article highlights important issues to consider when selecting corrosion resistant metal valves for difficult corrosion applications, i.e. applications where standard valves (in steel, in stainless steel or polymer lined) do not offer an acceptable performance.
  • Looking for an Alternative Yellow Metal Corrosion Inhibitor
    For the last thirty years, benzotriazole and its derivatives have dominated industrial yellow metal corrosion inhibitors. By far, the most popular of these has been tolyltriazole. It has become the industry standard and is, today, usually the only copper corrosion inhibitor considered by water
  • Corrosion-Resistant Braze Joints (.pdf)
    Nickel-base braze filler metals are widely used for brazing high-temperature plate-type heat exchangers and metallic catalytic converters in automotive applications. The recent emission/gas regulations and the development of efficient exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) coolers by the automotive
  • The Sun Z-R Cladding Technology
    be covered. The SPF method of brazing (diffusion) of a thin 0.2mm to 2.0mm corrosion resistant metal to a structural substrate is included, along with some chemical process case histories.
  • Tantalum Surface Alloys Prevent Corrosion (.pdf)
    Pure tantalum is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals, but its extremely high cost makes it an impractical option for all but the most corrosive applications. However, a new tantalum-based nanotechnology can provide the corrosion protection of tantalum at a reasonable cost. Tantaline's
  • Porous-Metal Bearings
    , conformable, and corrosion resistant. Their lubricity, embeddability, and low cost give them a wide range of applications from home appliances to farm machinery. Have a 20% reduction of the
  • Application over concrete including an expanded metal anchoring system.
    SCOPE. a. The corrosion resistant mortar lining shall be applied to protect the metal. in accordance with these specifications. The application shall include. preparation of the steel surface, welding in an expanded metal anchoring. system, mixing and applying the mortar lining using specified
    SCOPE. a. The corrosion resistant mortar lining shall be applied to protect the metal in accordance. with these specifications. The application shall include preparation of the steel surface,. welding in an expanded metal anchoring system, mixing and applying the mortar lining. using specified
  • The Use of Inhibitors for Chmical Cleaning of Industrial Equipment (.pdf)
    Corrosion resistant alloys are frequently specified for the construction of industrial process equipment such as heat exchangers, digesters in paper mills, reactors, and condensing units as well as in many critical applications in electrical power generating plants. Of equal importance
  • Rubber ball-and-socket mount won't slip
    with injection-molded rubber balls, National Products Inc., Seattle, created a lightweight, corrosion-resistant mount that

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