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  • Corrosion Protection Measures - Corrosion Resistant Paints: Surface Finishing Tutorial
    Simply using the previously discussed corrosion resistant metals for structural materials in order to protect from corrosions will quickly become very expensive. Paints are used to protect from electrolytic and chemical corrosions by physically isolating the subject metals by surface coating
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloys, Metals & Steel
    As the chromium content rises in any stainless steel, so does its resistance to corrosion. Of course, getting the proper mix of ingredients is only one small part of forging truly corrosion-resistant steel. Much of the rest has to do with other treatments, including heat treatment and surface
  • Tantalum Surface Alloys Prevent Corrosion (.pdf)
    Pure tantalum is one of the most corrosion-resistant metals, but its extremely high cost makes it an impractical option for all but the most corrosive applications. However, a new tantalum-based nanotechnology can provide the corrosion protection of tantalum at a reasonable cost. Tantaline's
  • Metal Valves for Highly Corrosive Applications (.pdf)
    This article highlights important issues to consider when selecting corrosion resistant metal valves for difficult corrosion applications, i.e. applications where standard valves (in steel, in stainless steel or polymer lined) do not offer an acceptable performance.
  • Tantalum, Niobium and Zirconium as Corrosion Resistant Materials (.pdf)
    Tantalum, niobium and zirconium are known as refactory metals because their melting points are greater than that of platinum, 1750 C. The high melting point combined with excellent corrosion resistance leads to widespread usage as crucibles in the production of special alloys. As well as the useful
  • Corrosion-Resistant Braze Joints (.pdf)
    industry increased the demands on the braze filler metals, which need to have higher resistance to hot oxidation and corrosive atmospheres. Sulzer Metco introduced a new family of boron-free braze filler metal compositions containing high amounts of chromium. These new filler metals offer technical
  • Precious Metals
    , electrodes, cathodes, crucibles, catalysts, and salts or solutions for plating and coating. All precious metals are nearly completely corrosion resistant; platinum metals withstand service up to 3,200 F without any evidence of erosion or corrosion. An extremely soft, ductile metal, gold undergoes
  • Looking for an Alternative Yellow Metal Corrosion Inhibitor
    formed with tolyltriazole makes it very resistant to breakdown in aqueous environments. However, because of the film's thinness, it is not very forgiving if breakdown does occur. At elevated levels, both chlorine and bromine have been found to attack and breakdown the formed film, causing corrosion
  • Refractory Hard Metals
    . Some grades are almost as corrosion resistant as platinum. Nozzles, orifice plates, and valve components are typical uses. in a molybdenum and nickel matrix is formulated for high-temperature service. Tensile and compressive strengths, hardness, and oxidation resistance are high at 2,000 F
  • Better metals for modern cars
    strength-to-weight ratio, along with corrosion resistance, gives designers more options for machined and cold-formed parts. More than 60 standard and special stainless steels can cost effectively match even the most-demanding requirements. Stainless steels are corrosion resistant surfaceto-core

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