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  • Leading Expert Recommends Quantum CO Sensors to Prevent Serious Injuries
    According to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the most reliable carbon monoxide detector is made by Quantum Group Inc. Dr. Goldstein recommends The Quantum COSTAR ® Model 9RV as an excellent option for your home or …
  • INAA and PIXE of Atmospheric and Combustion Aerosols
    … unit with PM10 inlet on two sequential 47-mm-diameter polycarbonate filters (Nuclepore, Costar ) with pore diameters … Further experimen- tal details, such as the characterization of lignites, combustion regime and temperature profile within the combustor, and the composition of oxygen and carbon monoxide in the flue gas have been given else- where (11,12). … were then counted for 10 rain at a 1-cm distance from a HPGe detector (first count).
  • Autoantibody against matrix metalloproteinase‐3 in patients with systemic sclerosis
    Pulmonary function, including vital capacity (VC) and dif- fusion capacity for carbon monoxide (Dlco), was also tested. Ninety-six- well plates (EIA/RIA plate, Costar , Cambridge, MA, USA) were coated with human recombinant MMP-3 … … 15 s, at 60∞C for 60 s) was performed on ABI Prism 7000 Sequence Detector (Applied Biosystems).
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  • Flavor Characteristics of Irradiated Apple Cider During Storage: Effect of Packaging Materials and Sorbate Addition
    However, irradiation of these poly- mers can result in the release of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide , and methane gases and the formation of volatile oxida- tion products, including peroxides, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids. … 6 (N6) film (CleanFilm, Islandia, N.Y., U.S.A.), and PS flasks ( Costar , Cambridge, Mass., U … … Del., U.S.A.) equipped with a splitless injection port and flame ionization detector was used for …
  • Temperature‐sensitive anthocyanin production in flowers of Plantago lanceolata
    UV/VIS absorption spectra were obtained with the photodiode array detector of the HPLC in the range of … … 25 methanol:water and filtered to remove particulate matter using a microcentrifugal filter ( Costar ; Fisher Scientific, Pittsburg … Also, multiple neutral losses of water (m/z 18) and carbon monoxide (m/z 28) resulted from fragmenting the delphinidin and cyanidin aglycones in the P. lanceolata anthocyanins.
  • Identification of the proteins related to cytochrome P450 induced by fenvalerate in a Trichoplusia ni cell line
    Briefly, Tn cells were seeded into 96-well plates ( Costar ) at a density of 104 cells/well for … Total P450 content was quantified by the dithionite- reduced carbon monoxide difference spectrum, mod- ified from Omura (Omura and Sato 1964); 0.4 ml microsomal fraction and 1.6 ml 0.1 mol/L sodium phosphate buffer (pH 7.4) were mixed carefully … Reactions were run in an ABI Prism 7900 Sequence Detector from Applied Bio- systems (Foster City, CA …
  • P&FT | Full text | Toxicological properties of emission particles from heavy duty engines powered by conventional and bio-based diesel fuels and compressed nat...
    … GCMS-SIM; HP 5890 GC, equipped with a HP 5970B Series Mass Selective Detector , Agilent Technologies, Germany … … high-volume particulate samples were complemented with the thermal optical analysis of elemental carbon (EC) and organic … … was diluted to 5x105 cells ml-1 and cultured on 6-well plates ( Costar , Corning, NY, USA … … where the paraffinic fuel has decreased emissions of nitrous oxides (NOx), PM, carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons …
  • Advances in Environmental Technologies
    Polystyrene microtitration strips with 96 flat bottomed wells ( Costar ), A WDT model rocking incubator with … Additionally, soil properties such as soil moisture, salinity, total nitrogen, total carbon and pH values were the … … VIS spectrophotometer, PHYTO-PAM Phytoplankton fluorescence spectrometer, Dionex Ultimate 3000 HPLC with ultraviolet detector (UVD) and fluorescence … Carbon monoxide with a purity of 99.99% was provided by the Gas Station of Shenyang.
  • Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
    … obtained by energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) coupled with the built-in EDS detector of SEM. … orifices of three different diameters (119, 81, and 36 μm) onto well plates ( Costars ) which contained the … … austenitize the surface of Fe-C alloys (steel, cast iron, etc. with a carbon content higher than … 2010) Carbon nanomaterials from carbon monoxide using nickel and cobalt catalysts.