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Parts by Number for Count Down Timer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TI170 Global Industrial General Tools & Instruments Co. Llc Not Provided Digital Count-Up/Count-Down Timer, 100 Min
TI895B Global Industrial General Tools & Instruments Co. Llc Not Provided Digital Big Digit, Count-Up/Count-Down Timer With Clock (Black)
TI150 Global Industrial General Tools & Instruments Co. Llc Not Provided Digital Count-Up/Count-Down Timer With Audible Beeper, Red Led & Vibration Alarm
TI239 Tequipment.Net General Not Provided LCD COUNT-UP/COUNT-DOWN TIMER, 79 MIN, 99 SEC WITH STAND ON BACK
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Conduct Research Top

  • Clock Design Using Low Power/Cost Techniques
    Typical embedded control applications place demands such as low power consumption, small size, low cost and reduced component count onto the microcontroller. This application note implements a 24-hour digital clock, alarm and 99 minute 59 second count down timer, yet operates on two ?AA? batteries
  • Measuring Temperature with the PIC16F84A Watchdog Timer Application Note
    temperature. sensor, it is possible to calculate the temperature with. reasonable accuracy using the WDT time-out period. FIGURE 1: WATCHDOG TIMER COUNT VS. TEMPERATURE FOR FOUR PIC16F84A DEVICES. 5500. 5000. Device1. 4500. 4000. Device2. T Count. D. W 3500. Device3. Device4. 3000. 2500. 2000. -20. -10
  • How to Make Your Measurement System More Flexible With Counter/Timers
    applications require simple event counting. Whether it’s counting photons hitting a screen or how many times a button is pushed, counters provide this functionality. You can configure the counter to count up or down on either the rising or falling edge of the digital signal. 2. Encoders and Position
  • PICDIM Lamp Dimmer for the PIC12C508
    before possible, and allows the. first time fully functional microcontrollers in an eight. replacement of even mundane devices like timers and. pin package. These parts are not stripped down. discrete components economically. versions of their larger brethren, they add features in a. This reference note
  • Software Handling for Capacitive Sensing
    to determine. if a significant drop in frequency count is present. FIGURE 1: SOFTWARE FLOW. Capacitive. Initializations. Enable Interrupts. GIE = 1. Main Loop. Main Loop. Code. Discard Reading,. Interrupt. No. Restart Timers. Service. End. No. Calling. of ISR. Yes. T0IF == 1?. Peripheral’s. T0IF == 1
  • Automatic Calibration of the WDT Time-out Period
    by 4 to get the exact WDT. WDTValue → PORTB. time-out period and displayed as a binary number on. PORTB. In order to check for repeatability, just press. the reset button on the PICDEM1 board and the whole. LOOP. calibration process will be repeated. A power-down,. followed by a power-up will also
  • Sensing Air Flow with the PIC16C781
    across R7 also. required by R7. Greater heat means the effect of cool-. increases until it matches the voltage across R5, at. ing is greater and, in turn, higher sensitivity. There is a. which time the Op Amp output will shut down the Pro-. limit to the drive available to R6 so that if the bias level
  • Measure Tilt Using PIC16F84A & ADXL202
    Recent advances in accelerometer sensor technology, especially with silicon micromachined types, have driven the cost of these devices down significantly. As of today, you could obtain an accelerometer for less than $5 per axis. Measurement of acceleration or one of the derivative properties