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  • Engineering Thermofluids
    Figure VIc.1.1. shows the velocity vector diagrams for a pump impeller rotating clockwise and for a centrifugal compressor rotating counter- clockwise.
  • Advances in Subsea Wet Gas Compression Technologies
    A wide range of subsea pumping systems and technologies are available; single phase pumps (Cx), multiphase pumps (Hx), hybrid pumps (combining these core technologies, HxC) and Multiphase Compressor (WGC), optimising centrifugal technology in a counter rotating method providing a „true‟ wet gas …
  • Gasoline Engine Management
    Mechanically driven com- pressors are either positive-displacement superchargers with different types of con- struction (e.g. Roots supercharger, sliding- vane supercharger, spiral-type supercharger, screw-type supercharger), or they are cen- trifugal turbo- compressors (e.g. radial-flow compressor). Fig. 1 shows the principle of functioning of the rotary-screw supercharger with the two counter - rotating screw elements.
  • Journal of Propulsion and Power > Engine seal technology requirements to meet NASA's Advanced Subsonic Technology program goals
    13 Weimer, M., "Design and Test of an Active Tip Clearance System for Centrifugal Compressors ," AIAA Paper 92-3189, 1992. 14 Gamble, W. L., " Counter - Rotating Inter-Shaft Seals for Advanced Engines," Journal of Propulsion and Power, Vol. 1, No. 6, 1985, pp. 437-440.
  • Numerical and experimental research on different inlet configurations of high speed centrifugal compressor
    The flow finally left the bend duct in the structure of two counter - rotating vortices. The comparison of bend and straight inlets of centrifugal compressor was investigated experimentally by Kim et al. and showed efficiency defect by bend-pipe inlet [6].
  • Performance analysis of a centrifugal compressor with variable inlet guide vanes
    A couple of counter - rotating vortices exist in the wake of each blade under any work condition. For the centrifugal compressors with variable inlet guide vanes, the matching of guide vanes and the impeller is particularly important to improve the performances of compressors.
  • Numerical investigation on pressure fluctuations in centrifugal compressor with different inlet guide vanes pre-whirl angles
    The design mass flow ratio is 2.5kg/s and pressure ratio is 2.0 for centrifugal compressor stage chosen in present study, with 9 IGVs and 13 blades. The impeller rotates counter -clockwise around Z axis with rotating speed 24634r/min.
  • Flight Performance of Aircraft > Index
    … temperature gauge, 160 icing, 154 mixture temperature gauge, 154 Carruthers, N. B„ 119,290 Cat's whiskers, 52 Ceiling, 56, 264-266 altitude, 221,264 of clouds, 56 Ceilometer, 487 Center of gravity, 6 of pressure, 17 Centrifugal compressor , 129 Champion, K. S … … pitch propeller, 169 Constant-speed propeller, 169 Control column, 8 surfaces, 7, 109 Control wheel, 8 Convection, 30 Convergence, 46 Convergent-divergent nozzle, 128 Cooling drag, 106, 153 Coordinated turn, 293, 363 Coriolis force, 40 Corner speed, 414 Counter - rotating propellers, 171 .
  • Miniature Joule-Thomson Cryocooling
    Nevertheless, the high rotating speed of 8,000 rev/s makes the centrifugal compressor a compact flow source in comparison to traditional positive displacement compressors. Carbonell et al.19 incorporated the principle of counter flow recuperation with the aid of two regenerators …

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