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  • Engineering Thermofluids
    Figure VIc.1.1. shows the velocity vector diagrams for a pump impeller rotating clockwise and for a centrifugal compressor rotating counter- clockwise.
  • Journal of Propulsion and Power > Engine seal technology requirements to meet NASA's Advanced Subsonic Technology program goals
    13 Weimer, M., "Design and Test of an Active Tip Clearance System for Centrifugal Compressors ," AIAA Paper 92-3189, 1992. 14 Gamble, W. L., " Counter - Rotating Inter-Shaft Seals for Advanced Engines," Journal of Propulsion and Power, Vol. 1, No. 6, 1985, pp. 437-440.
  • Numerical investigation on pressure fluctuations in centrifugal compressor with different inlet guide vanes pre-whirl angles
    The design mass flow ratio is 2.5kg/s and pressure ratio is 2.0 for centrifugal compressor stage chosen in present study, with 9 IGVs and 13 blades. The impeller rotates counter -clockwise around Z axis with rotating speed 24634r/min.
  • Performance analysis of a centrifugal compressor with variable inlet guide vanes
    A couple of counter - rotating vortices exist in the wake of each blade under any work condition. For the centrifugal compressors with variable inlet guide vanes, the matching of guide vanes and the impeller is particularly important to improve the performances of compressors.
  • Numerical Simulation of Impeller Trimming for Centrifugal Compressor--《Vehicle Engine》2012年02期
    ...Hui-She YANG Ke ZHAO Qing-Jun ZHANG Zhong-Zhu ZHAO Xiao-Lu XU Jian-Zhong (Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100080, China);INFLUENCE OF ROTOR TIP CLEARANCE ON PERFORMANCE OF VANELESS COUNTER - ROTATING TURBINE[J];Journal of... YANG Ce,MA Chao-chen,LAO Da-zhong (Beijing Institute of Technology,Beijing100081,China;Mathematical Model to Simulate Centrifugal Compressor Performance in Design and off-Design Regimes[J];Journal of Aerospace Power;2000-04 .
  • DSpace@MIT: Browsing Aeronautics and Astronautics - Master's degree by Issue Date
    Alternative propulsion concepts include counter - rotating propfans (CRPs) which ... • Improved return passages for multistage centrifugal compressors .
  • Effect of spanwise rotation on centrifugal instability in rotating curved non-isothermal flows
    The knowledge of this destabilizing phenomenon is essential in order to have the ability to predict and control the performance for technical applications of the ¯ow in compressor impellers, cen- trifuges, cooling channels of rotating machinery and par- ticle separation devices. 1983, Nandakumar and Masliyah 1986 and Hwang and Chao 1991 for the centrifugal force induced instability... Both instabilities show themselves through the formation of streamwise-oriented counter -rotating vortices which are usually called...
  • Miniature Joule-Thomson Cryocooling
    Nevertheless, the high rotating speed of 8,000 rev/s makes the centrifugal compressor a compact flow source in comparison to traditional positive displacement compressors. Carbonell et al.19 incorporated the principle of counter flow recuperation with the aid of two regenerators...
  • Journal of Propulsion and Power > Gas Turbine Technology Evolution: A Designers Perspective
    The compressor blades are machined integral with the disks to eliminate dovetail attachments, reducing leakage and weight. The rotor spools are counter - rotating , with the high-pressure rotor piggy back mounted on roller bearings inside a flange disk on the low-pressure shaft. ...on the low- speed shaft reduces the normal radial clearance caused by unequal centrifugal growth and provides...
  • Process Control: A Practical Approach
    ...Dusen Equation, 117 Calorific value, see GHV and NHV Carbon dioxide (CO2), 217–221, 229–230 Carbon monoxide (CO), 123, 217–220, 222, 231–233, 244 Carbon, 230 Cascade control, 9–10, 47, 49, 91–92, 123, 148, 301, 304, 337, 371 Centrifugal compressor , 244 Charles’ Law, 243... Counter - rotation , 249 Critical MV, 189, 360 Critically damped, 51 Cross-limiting, 234–236 CUSUM, 209–210, 212 Cut, 271–282, 292, 301–309, 315, 318, 325, 341–342, 350, 366 Cylinder loading, 251 Cylinder, 95–96, 243, 251 Dahlin algorithm, 167–168 Dalton’s Law, 264 Damping ratio, 51...

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