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  • Re: Cutting API Tapered Threads with CNC Lathe

    Mr. Cowan, It sounds like you are machining a part with a female thread, a.k.a "box connection". Also I'm assuming your statement about over gaging means that the plug gage has screwed in too far instead of not far enough. I can't send you the charts out of API Std 5B due to cop...

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Design Tool, Inc.
Auto Feed Screwdriver Counterbore Systems

Automatic Screw Feeder & Screwdriver Counterbore Tip Systems. Automatic Screwdriver systems with counterbore tips are designed to guide the fastener into a counterbored or recessed hole in the customer ’s application. These systems are normally used in vertical inline screwdriver applications, and provide the operator with a very fast, positive location for driving the fastener.    The counterbore tips can be designed integrally to the barrel, or as removable tips that can...

GRI Pumps (A Gorman-Rupp Company)
Chemical Resistance Charts

The Chemical Resistance Charts provide ratings to reveal which chemicals work best with specific materials. These ratings have been developed from technical publications, material suppliers and laboratory tests, and are presented for your evaluation and not as a guarantee. Our staff will help determine material selections for testing.

Rotronic Instrument Corp.

ROTRONIC - Understanding the Psychrometric Chart helps you understand humidity. The first step to making a better measurement is to understand the parameter. Understand humidity better with your very own free psychrometric chart - Compliments of Rotronic. • Understand Humidity Better. • Solve your toughest Humidity problems.     How to Read a Psychrometric Chart. Free Psychrometric Chart - download today - no registration required  . content.rotronic-usa.com