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Parts by Number for CPU Board Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CPU PLC Radwell Jetter Not Provided CPU BOARD
CPU PLC Radwell Lego Not Provided PC BOARD
CPU2 PLC Radwell Msi Corp Not Provided PC BOARD
CPU8601 PLC Radwell Hitachi Not Provided PC BOARD
CPU305 PLC Radwell Rimrock Not Provided PC BOARD
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  • More Than Just CPU Performance-Criteria for Choosing an x86-based Embedded Computer (.pdf)
    When in the market for an x86-based embedded computer, most system engineers only take hardware requirements such as CPU performance into consideration. Unlike RISC-based computers, which are designed for specific industrial applications and minimize power consumption, x86-based computers are often
  • A speedMOPS White Paper (.pdf)
    With speedMOPS, Kontron (rated as the world's undisputed market leader in PC/104 CPU boards for several years now by market research institute VDC) is revealing a brand-new CPU board form factor for PC/104 expansion boards at Embedded World. The processor is located outside of the sandwich
  • Matching Embedded PC Boards to Medical Applications
    PC board has a 486-class cpu, VGA CRT and. flat-panel LCD interfaces, RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 seri-. In the past, it was more common for designers to select a mi-. al ports, a printer port, digital I/O, a solid-state disk, and a. croprocessor or microcontroller chip, design the supporting. PC/104
  • The Evolution of Single Board Computers
    the most pop-. added for memory and I/O expan-. functional density on the boards. ular are those PC-based on the x86-. sion. However, as the integration. while decreasing cost and increas-. compatible CPU. Single board com-. increased with the newer, more. ing reliability. Instead of a system. puters
  • PC/104 Technology Expands to Embrace ARM Processors
    being used. ums. The power required for operating such. will be needed. This should be available. boards, on average, is from 100 mA on the. with the purchase of the development kit. low end through multiple amps for the high-. from the CPU board manufacturer. Typi-. end Pentiums, depending
  • Conversion of Graphics PICtail Plus Board 2 for Compatibility with USB PICtail Plus
    ). Legacy 8051/80C51 MCUs. Memory. Serial EEPROM. Serial SRAM. Serial Flash. Parallel Flash. Motor Drivers PC Systems & I/O Controllers (SMSC) Power Management. Battery Management. Charge Pumps. CPU/System Supervisors. LDO Regulators. Power MOSFET Drivers. Power MOSFETs. Hybrid PWM Controllers. PWM
  • Smart Computing Article - Members Of The Board
    the "CPU Sockets & Slots" sidebar in this article for more on the common styles of processor sockets. Within these two design camps are form factors such as Mini ATX (as big as 11.2 inches x 8.2 inches), FlexATX (as big as 9 inches x 7.5 inches), microATX (as big as 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches), and ATX
  • Kontron X-Board* Modules Enable Multiple Solutions from a Single Design (.pdf)
    extending to the full-featured ETX* Component SBC, and then to the miniature X-Board*, Kontron modules provide core CPU functions and interfaces to support a variety of applications. These modules can be combined with a custom carrier card (or baseboard) that adds the features needed for a specific

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