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Parts by Number for CPVC Pipe Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
506010 PLC Radwell Chemkor Electrical Products, Conduit & Fitting CONDUIT SOCKET ELBOW 90DEG CPVC PIPE SIZE 1INCH
F437 PLC Radwell Nibco Electrical Products, Conduit & Fitting PIPE FITTING CPVC PLASTIC SCHEDULE 80

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  • Solvent Cementing
    PRIMER AND/OR SOLVENT CEMENT/GLUE USED IMPROPERLY. WILL PERMANENTLY DAMAGE A PVC OR CPVC VALVE. Definition of a Valve or what is a valve. Call Us: (973) 256-3000. Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. 1384 Pompton Avenue. Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 USA. Email: SOLVENT CEMENTING. DANGER
  • Effects of Chlorinated Water on Plastic-Based Water Delivery Systems (.pdf)
    ) is well suited for both. Residual chlorine in water systems combined with elevated. hot and cold water delivery systems. Since its introduction in. temperatures can produce an oxidizing environment. Since. 1960, over 2 billion feet of CPVC pipe have been installed in. many metals and plastics
  • Benefits of Plastic Valves and Flow Control Products
    of choice for systems that were traditionally designed in metal. Unlike metal, thermoplastic valves and piping components have a high resistance to corrosion, will not scale or rust, and will not contaminate sensitive fluids. Hayward manufactures products from compounds of PVC, CPVC, natural PP, glass
  • Valve Terms & Acronyms Explained
    for vertical machining centers, lathes, injection molding machines, and other tools used to fabricate a valve. Corzan, CPVC: Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. While not as popular as PVC, it is able to withstand higher temperatures. Plast-O-Matic is an authorized vendor of Corzan® CPVC, a brand name of Noveon
  • Threaded Connections
    SEALANTSWILL PERMANENTLY DAMAGE A PVC OR CPVC VALVE. APPLY A SUITABLE THREAD SEALANT, SUCH AS COMPATIBLE TAPE to male tapered threads to assure a “leak-tight” seal. Note that sealing tape will “string” as pipe threads are joined. Loose “strings” could lie across the seating surface and prevent the valve
  • Important Considerations to Performance of Sodium Hypochlorite Wastewater Treatment Piping Systems
    be carefully selected to withstand the high and fluctuating pH levels, outgassing concerns, and scaling effects.  Chemical resistance, design safety, and system performance become major issues with respect to above. Piping System Material Selection. For past years, PVC and CPVC piping materials have