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These rubbers include grades suitable for service at temperatures to 250 C and having maximum resistance to oils and greases. Some are considered specialty materials and are quite expensive. (CR; BC, BE): Except for polybutadiene and polyisoprene, neoprene is perhaps the most rubberlike of all...

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  • Incorporating movement into models of grey seal population dynamics
    The Sea Mammal Research Unit has collected a large catalogue of photo- graphs of British grey seals ; individuals are identified using the boldly patterned markings on the side of their necks (Hiby & Lovell 1990). For statistical modelling of multisite CR data the Arnason�Schwarz (AS) model (Brownie et al. 1993) � the �
  • Petrodiesel and waste grease biodiesel (B20) emission particles at a rural recycling center: characterization and effects on lung epithelial cells and macropha...
    At the end of each sampling day, DPM cassettes were sealed and catalogued for shipment to an external laboratory (NIOSH, Pittsburgh, PA or Wisconsin Occupational Health Laboratory, Madison, WI) for thermo-optical analysis per the NIOSH 5040 method (Birch and Cary 1996). � by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer for the following metals: Al, Fe, V, Cr , Cd, Mn, Ni �
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