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  • Optical Instruments Defining the Evolution of Surface Texture Measurement in Manufacturing
    Surface texture measurement has a history that began a century ago with the advent of contact-type 2D measurement. Although measurement using optical instruments has been in existence almost as long as contact-type measurement, optical instrument measurement did not become widely used until about
  • Hydrogen Gas Detection in Oil Refineries
    production facilities. Hydrogen Detection in Oil Refineries Hydrogen Detection. in Oil Refineries. Hydrogen Gas Detection in Oil Refineries. Oil refineries are some of the largest producers and consumers of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen plays. a pivotal role in a whole host of refining operations
  • Astronomers Discover an Infrared Background Glow in the Universe
    wavelengths outshines everything else in the universe, the infrared background is masked by infrared light from nearby dust in our solar system, stars and interstellar dust in the Milky Way Galaxy, and, for ground-based instruments, emission from the Earth's atmosphere and from the instrument itself
  • Non-Destructive Closed Product/Package Testing - an Overview
    Closed products or packages can be tested for leaks in a variety of ways. These include force decay, displacement decay, trace gas leak detection, mass spectrometry, and surrogate chamber pressure decay testers or vacuum decay testers. This article will concentrate on the latter. Leak Testers, Leak
  • Medical Device Link .
    is increased by faster measurements and improved performance compared with stroboscopic video-only instruments, according to the firm. Image quality, lateral resolution, and diffraction-limited probe spots are enhanced through the instrument 's integration of optics technology and an optimized optical
  • Analytical techniques
    . Analytical Instrumentation History Analytical equipment has progressed over the years from analogue instruments born in the laboratory to new digital analytical equipment designed for specific applications. The analyser list has grown; we can now add flame ionisation detection gas analysers (FID), gas
  • Characterizing Fatigue Response of Nickel-Titanium (.pdf)
    . Yang. mentioned that fatigue-crack propagation analysis may be used complementary to the results from. fatigue testing 3 . A cyclic frequency of 1000 revolutions per minute r/min was used in a system. equipped with wire fracture detection, cycle counting, and over-temperature protection. The use
  • Characterizing Fatigue and Fracture Response (.pdf)
    $ &. ' &. (. " )* + * &. , &. -,. ',. %+. ' +. '+. . /' . 0. / & !. FIG. 6--Valley Instruments Rotary Beam Spin Fatigue Tester. Testing instrument construction involves a motor-driven chuck and an adjustable bushing. support that allows variable positioning of the free end of the specimens. The various holes

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