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  • Caterpillar Seeks Improved Performance With DSTI
    Caterpillar's (CAT) high volume production facility for manufacturing diesel engine components was experiencing significant downtime due to performance issues regarding the OEM rotary unions supplied on their grinding equipment. The specialized equipment is designed to grind crankshaft journals
  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    Compressor valves serves as check valves for the inlet and discharge passages of the cylinder and will open and close once for every revolution of the crankshaft. If the compressor is running at 500 rpm for 24 hours a day, the valves will open and close 720,000 times every day! Valves have
  • Getting torque-to-inertia right
    provides commutation and speed feedback for the drive controller. Crankshafts in running internal-combustion engines pulsate as well as rotate. This pulsation creates both primary and harmonic torsional stress on crankshaft-driven equipment such as superchargers, pumps, alternators, counterbalancers
  • F-150 Pickup Gets a New Heart
    forces gases out. A single-overhead cam is used for each cylinder bank. Traditionally, camshafts are permanently synchronized with the crankshaft so they operate valves at a specific point during combustion. However, the new powerplant uses variable-cam timing (VCT) that lets valves operate
  • Servicing Crankcase section-Ball Bearing Models
    . 2. Remove manifold head or discharge and inlet manifold as described in each respective service manual. 3. Remove the rear cover and one bearing cover. NOTE: The bearing race and crankshaft oil seal will remain with the bearing cover. The tapered roller bearings will remain on. the crankshaft. 4
  • Keeping Pace with Technology (.pdf)
    . imagination is to know the capabilities of. what you have. Now you may not need to. measure the journals of a diesel engine but. you may have to measure the straightness. of a particular item in your work processes. Crankshaft bearing journal measurement. and all this is, is a simple straightness. of a small
  • Pump Basics
    ' pressure. Performance Characteristics. Crankshaft bearing life, volumetric efficiency, and inlet flow curve are three performance characteristics of practical significance in many if not most pump applications. Crankshaft Bearing Life is a function of lubrication, speed, and load. This last factor
  • Winterizing a Pump
    and purity. q Reconnect the liquid supply line, discharge line and allow liquid to flow through pump. for 2-3 minutes. q Check for leaks at all plumbing connections. q Turn crankshaft by hand initially. If free moving, start power. q Gradually reset regulator/unloader in small increments to desired

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