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Parts by Number for Crankshaft Pulley Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
6RKT4 Grainger Industrial Supply Stanley Proto Industrial Tools Wrenches Adjustable Pin Spanner Wrench, Capacity 5 In., Material Steel, Finish Gray Paint, Application Camshaft and Crankshaft Pulleys
OTC4536   Mile-X Equipment, Inc. Handles and Pulls (industrial) OTC 4536 A/C Clutch Pulley Puller Set. For removal of stubborn air conditioning clutch pulleys. Also used on many alternator, generator, power steering, and crankshaft pulleys, harmonic balancers, and fiber timing gears. Set includes drop-forged components: one 3/4 "-16 x 5 " live-center...
OTC6294   Mile-X Equipment, Inc. Handles and Pulls (industrial) OTC 6294 Flange-Type Puller Set. Covers almost every car, pick-up, SUV, and small engine. Capable of handling almost every two- or three-way bolt pull possible. FOr use on a variety of jobs: harmonic balancers, steering wheels, crankshaft pulleys, and gears. Storage tray and detailed application...
OTC7790   Mile-X Equipment, Inc. Handles and Pulls (industrial) OTC 7790 Cap Screw Puller. Versatile puller capable of removing a wide variety of components having tapped pulling holes, including harmonic balancers, gears, crankshaft pulleys, etc. *Capable of handling 2- or 3-way bolt pulling applications. * Works on many cars, pickups, SUVs, and small engines...
1MCX8 Grainger Industrial Supply A.R. North America, Inc. Water Pumps Precision Die Cast Crankcase, Discharge Pressure 4000 PSI, Manifold Material Forged Brass, Ceramic Plunger, Splash Lubrication, Hardened Steel Crankshaft, Forged Brass Pump Head...

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  • Keep cool, save money
    , engine temperature must be kept within this range for maximum efficiency and minimum emissions. Conventional cooling systems use a belt to drive the fan from the engine's crankshaft pulley. Coolant temperature is controlled by a thermostat, which opens or closes over a wide range of temperatures
  • Combustion Assisted Belt-Cranking of a V-8 Engine at 12-Volts (.pdf)
    Implementation of engine turnoff at idle is desirable to gain improvements in vehicle fuel economy. There are a number of alternatives for implementation of the restarting function, including the existing cranking motor, a 12V or 36V belt-starter, a crankshaft integrated-startergenerator. (ISG
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    into the chain of any chain section without the need to disassemble the chain. Timing chain: for the transmission between the engine crankshaft and camshaft. Because of the engine piston stroke and exhaust time with strict requirements, so the chain is called timing chain. This kind chain can