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  • Supplier: Zwick USA

    Description: Single Screw Testing Machines Single-screw testing machines are used primarily for tests in which load-frame stiffness is subject to particularly high demands. Typical applications include low-cycle fatigue tests, creep tests, fracture mechanics tests and tests on springs and ceramics. Machine

    • Mechanical Test: Tensile, Compressive, Creep / Stress Relaxation, Fatigue / Cyclic
    • Force / Load Capacity: 56200 lbs
    • Test Speed: 3.28E-7 to 0.3937 in/sec

  • Supplier: Instron®

    Description: The Model M3 lever arm test machine is designed to provide solutions for maintaining constant loads for long term creep and stress rupture testing applications of metallic materials in accordance with ASTM E139. These tests can run from only a few hours up to and exceeding 10,000 hours. The long

    • Mechanical Test: Creep / Stress Relaxation
    • Test Temperature: 300 to 1200 F
    • Display / Interface: Computer Interface
    • Application Software: Yes

  • Description: ISO 7500-2:2006 specifies the verification of testing machines used for uniaxial creep testing in tension in accordance with ISO 204. The verification consists of a general inspection of the testing machine, and a verification of the force applied by the testing machine. ISO 7500-2:2006 applies


  • Description: A Constant Tensile Stress Creep Testing Machine Volume 4, Issue 1 (January 1976) A new constant tensile stress creep testing machine is described. The machine makes it possible to keep the stress constant within 0.1% up to a strain 0.45, assuming the volume of the specimen does not change during

  • Description: by the testing machine, the slightest change in gauge length is measured by a precise LVDT transducer. If the range of this LVDT transducer is exceeded, measurement of elongation and strain transfers to an optical encoder. Signals from the LVDT and optical encoder are fed into the signal conditioner

    • Type: Extensometer
    • Test Applications: Creep / Stress Relaxation, Tensile

  • Description: This model meets many of the needs for testing asphalt core samples, in 4 and 6 inch diameters. The unit meets test method requirements for strain measurement developed under the U.S. Federal Highways SHRP program. These extensometers are for creep compliance, tensile strength testing and dynamic

    • Type: Extensometer
    • Test Applications: Creep / Stress Relaxation, Tensile, Specialty / Other
    • Test Temperature: -40 to 212 F

  • Description: analysis, device cleanliness studies, failure analysis, sterilization procedures, oxygen content, Vitamin E characterization Mechanical Analysis Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), tensile testing, compression testing, creep testing For a partial list of ASTM standards performed by Cambridge

    • Capabilities: Certification / Qualification, Comparisons, Consulting / Training, Evaluation and Analysis, Failure Analysis / Troubleshooting, First Article / Contract QA, In-Process In-Line Testing, Research and Development, Testing, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Witness / Review, Validation
    • Forms Tested: Components / Parts, Samples / Materials, Products (Machines / Devices)
    • Services Offered: Abrasion / Wear Testing, Aging / Life Testing, Chemical Compatibility Testing, Dimensional Gaging, Mechanical / Structural (Static Load / Stress), Optical Testing, Performance Testing, Physical Properties Testing, Specialty / Other
    • Test / Certify To: ASTM, OEM Specific, Other

  • Description: ARAMIS is a powerful optical system for measurement of complex materials and structures for their 3D deformation and strain during loading. This tool is a highly robust, full-field, non-contact strain measuring testing device. The system offers a non-contact measurement of 3D deformation and strain

  • Description: , deformations and vibrations - Verification of conceptual design studies and numerical simulations - Measuring dynamic behavior, rise and fall of structural vibrations to 250 Hz (full-frame, Nyquist criteria) - Load, creep and aging tests including complex structures and visco-elastic elements - Noise

  • Description: Mechanical testing reveals the elastic and inelastic behavior of a material when force is applied. A mechanical test shows whether a material or part is suitable for its intended mechanical applications by measuring elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, hardness, fracture toughness, impact

    • Capabilities: Component / Product Testing, Component / Product Comparisons, Certification / Qualification, Engineering Verification Testing, Evaluation and Analysis, In-Process In-Line Testing, Performance Testing, Reliability / Robustness, Test Development, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Test Panel / Sample Prep
    • Forms Tested: Components / Parts, Products (Equipment / Devices), Samples / Materials
    • Test Services Offered: Tensile, Creep / Stress Relaxation, Fatigue / Cyclic, Flexure / Bending, Impact Toughness, Shear / Torsion
    • Industry Applications: Aerospace / Avionics, Appliances, Automotive, Building & Construction, Battery / Energy Products, Coatings / Paint, Electrical / Electronics, Food / Drugs, Health Care / Medical, HVAC, Instruments / Sensors, Marine, Materials, Nuclear / Utility, Paper / Plastic Packaging, RF / Wireless

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  • Accurately measuring ultraslow motion
    Creep testers advance to the digital age. This ATS creep-test machine features a Virtech extensometer (inset) with Heidenhain Specto photoelectric gauge. Replacing analog LVDTs with digital gauges permits automated testing along with higher reliability and accuracy. Heidenhain Specto linear gauges

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