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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
43031-0009/CRIMP CONTACT National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided

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  • Dynamic Wire: Crimp Force Monitoring
    the destination reliably over time. Unfortunately, the quality of the crimp cannot always be determined by visual inspection. Dynamic Wire: Crimp Force Monitoring. Home. About Us. Products. Technical Resources. Customer Service. News and Events. Strategic Partners. Contact Us. Careers
  • Crimp vs Solder: Pros and Cons
    on a CCTV system, the same bad connection can now yield a 10dB loss on a > 1GHz system. That could mean that only about a third of the signal would get through the connection. Technical Information-Crimp vs Solder. RF Industries. Feedback. Contact Us. * When open a local search file in Internet Explorer
  • Medical Device Link .
    connectors. The series has a set of interchangeable mixed-signal contacts. Signal contacts have four-point-indent crimp technology with a typical wire gauge of 22 to 26 AWG for the 0.7-mm crimp contact; optional reduced crimp-barrel contact is available for wires down to 32 AWG. Fitting into the same
  • Multi-Pole Connectors for Docking Systems Used in Automated Surface Finishing
    * Connectors for multi-couplings are designed for the specific requirements. of automated production facilities and meet high plugging frequency. requirements up to 1 million mating cycles. * They are rugged, reliable and easy to apply. * Multilam equipped - The contacts have crimp connections
  • Medical Device Link .
    , especially when supplied in a DIN housing. It is available in four frame sizes and five contact modules for signals, power transmission, and high frequency. Designed for efficiency and flexibility, as well as cost-effectiveness, the LC connector offers easy assembly of the crimp contacts
  • Medical Device Link .
    distances between contacts or contact groups. For example, the pictured product shows a 28-mm-diam connector with >32 mm clearance between the two high-voltage contacts and group of signal contacts. It features EMC protection in compliance with current norms. Crimp terminations can be specified
  • Connectors
    . 7. Connectors. Design in accordance with DIN 43651, plastic-encapsulated. Type series SR6. Number of poles: 6 + PE. Angled connector type SR6WF. fitted 1). Order No. 024 999. Male socket type SR6AM. for male crimp contacts SRM. Ordering / Type Table. Contact carrier Type. d. Order No. 1. Convertible
  • Medical Device Link .
    groups. The pictured product is a 28-mm-diam connector with >32 mm of clearance between the two high-voltage contacts and group of signal contacts. It features EMC protection in compliance with current norms. Crimp terminations can be specified. Fischer Connectors S.A., Apples, Switzerland
  • Medical Device Link .
    , are easy to mate even in hard-to-reach places. The plugs have latching fingers that hook into a groove inside the receptacle, making unintentional separation nearly impossible. Available in four sizes down to 10 mm in diameter, the connectors can be specified with solder contacts, crimp contacts, or PCB
  • Medical Device Link .
    with solder PCB pins, solder cup, or crimp contacts; the size-4 model has solder contacts. Minisnap connectors have been tested for electromagnetic compatibility using the inductive wire (or parallel wire) method in accordance with procedure VG 55214-6-2. Documentation showing that the products achieve

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