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    Security Systems - (485 companies)
    Surveillance systems are used to monitor commercial properties and industrial facilities for the presence of trespassers and the behavior of authorized visitors. Learn More
  • Audible Alarms-Image
    Audible Alarms - (470 companies)
    Image Credits: Federal Signal Corporation/Industrial Systems|Schneider Electric. Audible alarms provide an audible indication of a hazardous situation. Audible alarms may also be available as audio / visual alarm combinations. Applications for audio... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fire Alarm Control Panels-Image
    Fire Alarm Control Panels - (227 companies)
    Fire alarm control panels (FACPs) transmit signals between fire detection devices and alarms, suppression systems, and monitoring centers. This device reduces the potential for fatalities and property loss from structure fires. Fire alarm control... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Auto Dialers - (15 companies)
    Auto dialers are alarms that send signals when equipment malfunctions, a process variable exceeds a predefined limit, or another alarm-triggering event occurs. Both hard-wired and wireless products are available. Hard-wired auto dialers require... Learn More
  • Stack Lights and Machine Lights-Image
    Stack Lights and Machine Lights - (161 companies)
    Stack lights and machine lights are used for alarm and machine status indication. They can be supplied with audible alarms and be used as flashers or steady light configurations. Image Credit: Rockwell Automation | Automationdirect | Pfannenberg Inc... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Emergency Call Systems - (61 companies)
    Emergency call systems are designated terminals used to call or transmit a need for attention. Emergency call systems may also be known as a panic alarms, man down alarm systems, duress systems, or a personal emergency response systems. Emergency... Learn More
  • Annunciators - (178 companies)
    Annunciators and graphic display panels disclose the layout and annunciate the status and measurement parameters of industrial processes, security and fire alarms of buildings and manufacturing facilities, power distribution networks, and other... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Smoke Detectors - (274 companies)
    ...detector. Photoelectric smoke detectors are better at sensing smoky fires, such that of a smoldering mattress. Smoke detectors have audible alarms, visible alarms such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), or both. They may also have an alarm output... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Warning Lights - (288 companies)
    Flashing alarms may consist of a single flash of the lamp, double flash, triple flash, quad flash, or more. Visual alarms that do not flash provide a continuous visual output. The alarm may provide built-in synchronization. NFPA 72 requires visual... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tilt Switches - (46 companies) or close a switch. some, such as tilt switch alarms, trigger audible or visual responses to notify an operator that a system is out of alignment. Tilt switches. Image Credit: Tilt Switch Construction. Tilt switches are made... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...a disruption. When evaluating the criticality. of business-critical applications. The. of network and telecom closets, IT managers. ventilated space, heat. technologies supporting the deployment. should review applications supported by. can quickly raise the. of IP telephony, wireless networking... 1994. Because of the criticality of. the site and power system, the units do not have any load test history other than acceptance testing. The. harsh reality is that this is the typical working situation in which batteries and their monitors need to exist. As expected, over the lifetime of the battery... taken in a timely manner. Out-of-spec conditions trigger. Information Portal, important decisions about processes and. alarms in Workflow, which then manages the distribution of the. operations, including equipment issues, can be monitored and. alarms based on criticality and field response time...

...a value for criticality. Critical and high-level risks can then be addressed and eliminated. Adopting this approach affects two key operational logistics who is involved in the process and when it takes place. In terms of manpower, the company needs to dedicate sufficient personnel...

...into three key areas, all of which are vital to the progression of maintenance management as well as the downward spiral of maintenance costs. RCM or other form of Equipment Strategy Optimising Module Root Cause Analysis Modules Inventory Optimisation or Criticality Analysis Module And in the case...

Effects Analysis) or FMECA (Failure Mode. Effects and Criticality Analysis). The team. logy. But let’s not forget our iPod example. The. This integration ensures that the technical. o. assesses what can go wrong for each. more thoughtful and integrated the HFE, the. team receives direct and continuous...

...on the probability and the severity of the hazard. In traditional risk analysis, values for key parameters are multiplied to yield a numeric risk index called criticality. Based on military specification MIL-SPEC 1629A, this method is typically not used for analyzing software. Instead, using guidance from the more... yield a numeric risk index called criticality. Based on military specification MIL-SPEC 1629A, this method is typically not used for analyzing software. Instead, using guidance from the more recent system safety specification, MIL-SPEC 832C, a table can be constructed that provides the risk...

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