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  • Medical Device Link . SPOTLIGHT ON ADHESIVES
    , enabling its adhesion to another object through application of pressure. A curable, cross-linking PSA that cures to a solvent-resistant tacky coating is also available. 1050 Cindy Ln., Carpinteria, CA 93013. Phone: 805/684-8780. A line of conductive silver epoxy adhesives is used for bonding
  • Radar Absorbers
    This page is officially sponsored by ARC Technologies, Inc. Did you ever wonder how stealth aircraft have such low radar cross-sections? Here is where you can find out!. Unfortunately absorbers usually come into the RCS reduction picture after all the shaping is done, but ideally
  • FCI Best Practices Engineering Guide
    main swirl. flow conditioners for use with thermal. Profile Condition Tabs – Three sets of profile conditioning tabs produce vigorous cross-stream. dispersion technology flow meters. mixing which rapidly mixes faster velocity regions with slower regions. This mixing quickly. Vortab are available
  • Laser Welding Carbon Nanocomposites
    in the initial experimentation to quantify weld strength. The experimentation included a complete analysis of the transmission characteristics of the base polymer at 810 nm and 1,064 nm wavelengths, an optical microscope view of the weld cross-section, and transmission welding experimentation
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
    , cross-linking PSA that cures to a solvent-resistant tacky coating. Nusil Technology, 1050 Cindy Ln., Carpinteria, CA 93013. PSA products Nearly 30 standard products specifically designed for use in diagnostic, medical device, and wound-care applications are offered to meet the demand
  • A New Evaluation Technique for Bulky Compound Materials (S-4700, FB-2000A SEM 90)
    Compound materials have been used in various fields of science and industry. For evaluation of these materials, SEMs and FIB systems have been playing major roles. The SEM and FIB system allow preparation of site-specific cross-sections of a sample quickly and permit examination of inner structures
  • Medical Device Link .
    marking high-speed and high-quality greyscale images and logos possible. A compact high-performance ball-screw stage with a rigid base and brushless servomotor is suitable for laser machining applications. The ATS1000 from Aerotech Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) features a small cross section and medium
  • Machining with less coolant
    of a Cross H uller oil-air delivery system for minimum quantity lubrication operation has a dualchannel system, a mixing device for better oil dispersion, and handles multidiameter tooling. It can stop machining quickly when outside a cut to limit machine contamination. It changes the air-oil ratio and how

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