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  • Meeting Hydraulic Cylinders Rod Manufacturing Challenges Using Friction Welding (.pdf)
    of the pieces at the weld interface to allow evaluation of weld integrity and microstructure at the weld joint. A microhardness survey was conducted through the fusion zone. He concluded that the cross sections through the two piston rods showed good fusion between the eye and. rod material
  • Study of Cylinder-Wall Micro-Structure (.pdf)
    Flex-Honed. The. vast difference in the finish and the cross. hatch is very evident to the naked eye. Note. the over-all consistency is a feature of the. Flex-Hone finish. 5. A COMPARISON STUDY ON TWO V-6 BUICK ENGINES. With minimum fuel economy regulations becoming increasingly difficult. While you
  • Enhanced pulp screening
    will significantly decrease screening efficiency /5/. One study conclude that the best result for screening efficiency can be reached by selecting a shallow contour and then adjusting the slot size to meet the capacity requirement /6/. PERFORMANCE COMPONENTS - ROTORS A cross-section of a rotor foil
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis - Understanding Mechanical Failures
    of a reducer where the chevron marks clearly point toward the failure origin, while Figure 3 is a sketch of the cross section of the wall of a ruptured 20ft. (6.1 m.) diameter vessel. In both cases, by tracing the chevron marks back to their origin, we knew exactly where to take samples to determine
  • Water Jets Cut Machining Time, Cost
    is similar to glass-filled nylon and other reinforced plastics. The customer had previously tried CNC machining, but even a -in.-diameter end mill removed too much material. The reassembled pipe's cross section ended up elliptical, and many of the parts had to be scrapped. Atlantic Fasteners tried
  • Surface Solutions for the Requirements of Tomorrow (.pdf)
    of fuel. 7 Cross-section of an. cells. This feature is equally impor-. ion-conducting mem-. brane of lanthanum. tant for the dense ceramic-oxide. strontium manganite. electrolyte and porous anodes. (LSM) manufactured. Ion-conducting membranes play. by means of LPPS-TF. an important role with the frame