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  • Deburring and Chamfering Tools-Image
    Deburring and Chamfering Tools - (156 companies)
    ...worn or for different applications. Rotary deburring and chamfering bits, or cutting tools, are used with drills and other power tools. They are used for thicker materials, deburring cross-drilled holes, high volume production jobs, and other... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Robotic Deburring Tools-Image
    Robotic Deburring Tools - (17 companies) inches (in). Products that are specified in metric units such as millimeters (mm) are also available. In terms of mounting styles, some robotic deburring tools are designed to fit robotic wrists or tool holders on CNC machines. Others mount... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Deburring and Deflashing Machines - (89 companies)
    Deburring and Deflashing Machine Parts. Most deburring and deflashing machines consist of a steel housing with a motor, spindle, brush mount mechanism(s), control system for motor speed, feed rate , and/or tension or pressure between tool and work... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Deburring and Deflashing Services-Image
    Deburring and Deflashing Services - (143 companies)
    ...finishing or surface conditioning (abrasive belts, discs or nonwoven wheels) 5.) Hydrodeburring or high pressure water blasting 6.) Mass Finishing 7.) Rotary cutting tool processes (rotary burs, files or chamfering tools) 8.) Sandblasting or abrasive... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Hole Saws - (42 companies)
    Hole saws, also referred to as hole cutters, are saw blades with a circular cutting profile. Hole saws are used in a drill and cut out a hole without cutting up the core material. Hole saws often has a centering drill for hole placement. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tool Kits - (136 companies)
    Tool Kits Information. Tool kits contain different types and sizes of tools, often in a convenient carrying case. There are many different types of products. Examples include field service, fiber optic, telecommunications, network, computer, plant... Learn More
  • Boring Tools - (311 companies)
    Drills bits are cutting tools used to create cylindrical holes. Bits are held in a tool called a drill, which rotates them and provides torque and axial force to create the hole. Braces are used to drill holes in wood. Pressure is applied to the top... Learn More
  • Tool Racks and Tool Trays - (45 companies)
    Tool Racks and Tool Trays Information. Tool racks and tool trays are used to store and organize tools in an exposed manner so that tools are easy to identify, retrieve, and return. These wall-mounted or free-standing units may be designed... Learn More
  • Tool Boxes and Tool Cabinets - (294 companies)
    How to Select Tool Boxes and Cabinets. Tool boxes and cabinets are enclosed cases for storing, organizing, and carrying tools. They are also used to protect tools from outside weather elements. Construction. Tool boxes and cabinets are generally... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Tool Grinding and Tool Sharpening Services - (262 companies)
    Tool Grinding and Tool Sharpening Services Information. Tool grinding and tool sharpening services manufacture, recondition, regrind, and provide special profiling for cutting and machining tools. Services range from the manufacturer-approved... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Concatenated auxiliary tools (software tools) provide that the processes with its complex requirements in the daily work... With the FEM the voltages at quergebohrten shafts or complex cast housings can be determined for example... ...connected to generate the interfaces for other components (e.g., pass-surfaces or - bores , sealed surfaces), or... After the processing the workpiece must be washed, deburred and examined.
  • Construction elements of mechanical engineering 1
    The rivet holes must preferably be drilled and be worn, but punched not. They are to debur further and to lower on. The inner part of the riveting tool clamps the rivet mandrel and draws into axial direction. The notch effect numbers for quergebohrte shafts are contained in DIN743.