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  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Crossed Roller Bearing (.pdf)
    , another type. of bearing has established its place in the pantheon of friction reducing devices – the crossed roller bearing. What high-tech microscopes, as well as advances in wafer manufacturing, robotics and vision inspection have. in common, is their growing reliance on crossed roller bearings
  • Rotary Ball Spline Technologies And The Effective Differences of Two Rotational Nut Technologies
    bearings or crossed. roller bearings. ./e6cb7833-b826-4a2e-9cdd-c59f3174a6e2 Rotary Ball Spline Technologies. And The Effective Differences of Two Rotational Nut Technologies. Standard angular contact bearing supported rotary ball Crossed roller bearing supported rotary ball splines. splines
  • Setting the stage for clearer images
    Crossed-roller-bearing stages and linear motors cut jitter in semiconductor inspection tools. ), checks thin-film layers deposited on silicon wafers for thickness and irregularities. Wafers are held by an electrostatic chuck mounted to a -axis stage. This assembly sits on a platform that steps
  • Linear & Rotary Positioning Stages Engineering Guide (.pdf)
    of travel. This represents rotation around a. nominal value at a given sampling interval. High smoothness of. horizontal axis, perpendicular to the axis of travel. motion can be achieved by using crossed roller or air bearing stages. with ironless linear motors. Yaw - An angular deviation from ideal
  • Medical Device Link .
    linear ball or crossed roller slides that can carry loads of 8 lb in the ball slide configuration, and 15 lb in the roller slide configuration. They offer a 0.168 in. diam 0.125 in. leadscrew, an antibacklash nut, and a flexible zero backlash coupling. A beamed coupling and motor mount are included
  • How a Photoswitch Saved My Job
    ). Painting and Roofing. Power Transmission. Pumps. Roller Chain. Steam Traps. Terminology. Thermography. Tribology. Turbines. Valves/Control Valves. Webstore. Bookstore. Training Materials. Toolstore. Software. Availability/Reliability/LCC Modelling. CMMS (A-L). CMMS (M-Z). Condition Monitoring. Failure