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  • Sepa CF Systems Principle of Operation
    This article details the process by which a lab scale crossflow filtration system separates the permeate from the solution.
  • Crossflow Scrubber and Air Filtration Pilot System
    This design utilizes stage-wise scrubbing and filtering of gases and contaminants in a compact, easy to maintain package. Inherent in the design is the flexibility to collect a diverse range of contaminants and at a high gas flow turndown (allowing for large swings in the gas volume). Kimre TM
  • An American Paper Mill* and a Food & Pharma Plant* both used Vortisand (R) Cross-flow Microsand Technology as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis membranes with impressive reductions in SDI
    A large American Paper Mill and a leader in Food & Pharma approached Sonitec-Vortisand both inquiring about the unique Vortisand (R) Cross-Flow Microsand Filtration Technology
  • Membrane Selection Guide by Application
    This document illustrates the basic principles for the Sepa CF II membrane system. Contains specifications and diagram for this cross-flow filtration unit.
  • Put the Breaks on Wastewater Emulsions
    (FOGs), is necessary to prevent them from depositing on pipes and fouling filtration media. Not even facilities that use crossflow membranes are exempt from the problems caused by emulsions. While fouling may be eliminated, the concentrate that accumulates during processing remains to be dealt
  • Treating wastewater from CMP using ultrafiltration
    that some form of cross-flow filtration should be used for their removal, as opposed to dead-end or once-through cartridge filtration, which would be quite expensive in terms of consumables. There are also several reasons why ultrafiltration (UF) technology should be chosen over microfiltration. As seen
  • Throwing it All Away
    in disposability includes sterile and pre-filtration, membrane chromatography, storage/holding bags (through an alliance with TC Tech), fully assembled bag/filter devices, and crossflow micro- and ultra- filtration as single-use cassettes. The company is working in a two prong approach: fully disposable
  • Medical Device Link .
    and selected. At this stage, several filtration devices are used, from simple syringe filters to sophisticated multiwell plates with microporous membranes or ultrafilters. During production, cells are grown in bioreactors that are equipped with sterilizing filters. This is done to ensure the sterility

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