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  • Duocel (R) Foam Energy Absorption
    impact that block. If properly designed with appropriate thickness and compression strength, a foam block could absorb all of the energy of an impacting mass. Most importantly, the structure the foam block was attached to (and protecting) would never see a force higher than the foam crush strength. Thus
  • Tips for Slitting Aluminum Foil
    There are several methods of slitting aluminum foil, including shear, razor and crush (score) slitting. This discussion focuses on the shear slitting method, since it is capable of slitting under a far wider range of calipers, tempers, and speeds than razor or crush methods. The most common
  • 'Plug-and-Play' Weight Reduction Solution by Hollow Glass Microspheres
    /cc. Crush Strength – 7500 psi. Crush Strength – 28000 psi. 5. 7.5. 4.0. 10. 13.9. 7.7. 20. 24.5. 14.3. % Weight reduction at various loading levels (initial part density – 1.35 g/cc). 5. 10. 5.9. 10. 18.2. 11.1. 20. 31.0. 20.0. Table 1. % weight reductions in the presence of 3M™ Glass Bubbles
  • Electric Can Crusher
    Many businesses use a can crusher on their premises to lower their waste management bills and allow for easier recycling. The problem is that many of these crushers rely on mechanical force to work. In other words, they require the user's strength to crush the cans--which only gets you so far
  • Medical Device Link .
    designs can include bonded tips, embedded marker bands, and insert molding. Tubing can be converted into delivery systems for applications such as TAA graft delivery and carotid and coronary stent delivery. Wire-free hose for medical applications is crush, pull, and puncture resistant. The Type 252
  • Supplier Reduces Weight of SMC Plastic Parts by > 25% (.pdf)
    notably in their lower nominal size. According to Probir Guha, CSP General Manager of Materials and R &D,. and higher crush strength values. Newer 3M™ Glass Bubbles iM30K have. these advancements began with a goal of achieving substantial density. an isostatic crush strength of 30,000 psi - ten
  • Effect of Processing Conditions on the Extent of Glass Bubble Survival During Twin Screw Compounding
    are. and strain fields in a wide range of polymer processes, ranging. recapturing interest in the plastics industry due to their increased. from liquid phase polymer processing to high viscosity melt. crush strength (up to 28,000 psi) under demanding high pressure. compounding and high pressure
  • Glass Bubbles Reduce Weight of TPO Parts (.pdf)
    secondary benefits to. example, the pressures involved in TPO injection molding require use. TPO components as wel , including improved part stiffness, greater. of glass bubbles with elevated crush strength, such as 3M’s iM30K. dimensional stability and reduced shrinkage.”. product, which is rated
  • Processing Behavior, Morphology and Benefits of Using Low Density Hollow Glass Microspheres in Polymer Wood Composites
    . Wood. Lub. HDPE. Precompound. Content Content Content Bubble. polyolefins was used as the lubricant. Wood flour was Ponderosa. (%). (%). (%). Content. Pine (Grade 4020) from American Wood Fibers. 3M™ Glass. (%). A. 50.0. 6.0. 44.0. 0. Bubbles iM30K (d: 0.6 g/cc with isostatic crush strength of 28000. B
  • Ethernet in Harsh Environments
    are addressed by the tables, excepting only the most extreme or specialized. environments. The Mechanical section of each table provides values for shock/bump, vibration, tensile force, crush,. impact, and bending/flexing. Ingress specifies the size of particulates (dust). The Climatic/Chemical section

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