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  • International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES) > Rapid Cycle Amine (RCA 2.0) System Development (AIAA 2013-3309)
    The concept of an RCA system was explored in an early configuration that employed a pneumatically actuated spool valve (based on integration with a cryogenic PLSS concept) to direct the ventilation flow and vacuum porting to the appropriate bed. ...third prototype system, CAMRAS 3, as shown in Fig. 4, employed a multi- ball valve assembly that... ...PLSS 2.0 operational requirements.1 Considerations for pressurization conditions, ventilation flow and diverter valve operation, pressure...
  • A Continuous Cryogenic Diffusion Pump For Fusion Reactors the gases, they rapidly accumulate large inventories of tritium and must be valved off and regenerated... ...that the cryocondensation stage of the pump was well into the fluid flow regimes at cryogenic temperatures. Since the helium is only 10% of the hydrogen flow coming from the diverter a helium compression... Ball Screw- Snail periscopeVi( .
  • ZTITA1994P0483A
    ...4V is available in ELI (extra-low interstitial) grades with high damagetolerance properties, especially at cryogenic temperatures. ...are used in a variety of airframe applications, including cargo-handling equipment, flow diverters , torque tubes for... where weight is critical, usually in reciprocating and rotating parts, such as valves , valve springs, connecting... Casting applications include water-jet inducers for hydrofoil propulsion and seawater ball valves for nuclear submarines. PIMApplications.
  • The Cryogenic Target for the G$^0$ Experiment at Jefferson Lab
    In addition to the flow diverters along the loop, inside the target cell there is a conical... With the exception of the cryogenic motor rotor, all materials used in the fabrication and assembly of... The coolant flow to the target’s heat exchanger is controlled by a needle valve , which is manually... The cantilever is moved by four linear actuators through ball joints.
  • 2010 Combined Subject Index IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications
    An investigation into the utilisation of power MOSFETs at cryogenic tem- peratures to achieve ultra-low power... Elasser, Ahmed, +, APEC Feb. 2010 1598-1602 A hybrid diverter design for distribution level on-load tap... ...buhl, D., +, TIA Nov.-Dec. 2010 2459-2466 Analysis of ignition risk to ball bearings in rotating... Valves .
  • Handbook of Climate Change Mitigation
    ...a variety of large-scale electric facilities such as vacuum and cooling pumps, cryogenic system, magnets, heating... Diverter : Oswald J, Raine M, Ashraf- Ball H (2008) Will British weather provide reliable electricity? ...susceptible to corrosion are the bottom of absorbers, regenerators, reboiler bundles, pumps, and valves where the acid...
  • NASA Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
    ...hours of lidar measurements were compared to balloon borne measurements obtained from 10 Cryogenic Frost-point Hygrometer... Deposition; Diverters ; Graphite; Lithium; Plasma Control BALL BEARINGS CONTROL VALVES .
  • NASA Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
    20080036083 Jet Propulsion Lab., California Inst. of Tech., Pasadena, CA, USA CALISTO: A Cryogenic Far-Infrared/Submillimeter Observatory The detector employs a substrate, a filtering layer, a converting layer, and a diverter to be responsive... Foreign Object Damage by Steel Ball Projectiles in a SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite at Ambient and Elevated... Microfabricated Elastomeric Valve and Pump System – 77 .
  • International Atomic Energy Agency Technical Committee Meeting, Innovative approaches to fusion energy, Pleasanton, CA, October 20-23, 1997
    and cryogenic technology, a concept exploration experiment has been designed with the primary objective of investigating the... ...TPE-2M is the observation of MHD behaviors and particle transport of axisymmetric poloidal diverter RFP plasma. Ball #ld, A. , ~, No active components (pumps, valves , etc.) are necessary within the reactor containment area.
  • High voltage technique
    The cooling of superconducting components can as bath cooling in a to occur with filled cryostats Cryogenic to the liquid. ...5, Berlin and Offenbach [124] DIN EN 60099-5, IEC 60099-5; overvoltage arrester , part 5: instruction... ...A.I. Egorov; Long-Lived Plasmoids Produced in Humidly air AS Analogues of ball Lightning; Technical Physics... ...531 processing time 302 empirical 141 variation coefficient 141 vector potential 8, 110 valve arresters 347 valve...
  • Encyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
    ...principle axes of the ellipsoidal in the phase space, which originates from a ball of points in... ...stiffness, unfavorable geometry, and incom- patibility with soft materials needed, for example, for the incorporation of valves . On the new applications side, micropumps are being developed for use in cryogenic spot cooling of microelectronic... This valve is of the jet- deflection diverter type employing the Coanda effect.