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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
8112105 PLC Radwell Cti Cryogenics Sensors & Switches, Sensor Accessory GAUGE TC VCR 80PSI

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  • Maintaining an Effective Vacuum Jacket
    for this application because it directly measures how well the vacuum is insulating. To implement a simple scheme for continuously monitoring a vacuum jacket for stationary application (e.g. LNG, cryogenic bulk tank, or vacuum jacketed pipe) the gauge tube and readout electronics can be permanently installed
  • Medical Device Link .
    the operational temperature of the application. Heavy-gauge thermocouples are generally more stable at high temperatures than finer-gauge versions. In many applications, however, such as temperature measurement during cryogenic ablation procedures carried out in patient-support devices, a heavy-gauge
  • Medical Device Link .
    Technology. The MSP300-series pressure transducer from Measurement Specialties is suited for use in external equipment and in cryogenic angioplasty procedures. Thin-film technology combines elements from both MEMS and foil strain-gauge methods. Like foil-strain gauge technology, thin-film processes
  • EXEL North America Announces..... NESHAP 6H - Paint Rule Compliance (.pdf)
    and. • Thermal or cryogenic decomposition. have a filtered efficiency of at least 98%. • Intense light. METHYLENE CHLORIDE (MECL) USAGE. Please note: Some states have more stringent MeCl usage. Due to other current EPA rules on the use of MeCl, KPA has. regulations. For instance Cal-OSHA and the CA air
  • Piezoelectrics in Positiong
    Power Consumption. In a PZT electrical energy is converted. Operation at Cryogenic Temperatures. directly into motion, absorbing elec-. The piezo effect is based on electric fields and. trical energy during movement only. functions down to almost zero Kelvin. Static operation, even holding heavy. loads
  • Medical Device Link . European Industry news
    Mainz, Germany; phone: +49 6131 990117; fax: +49 6131 990205; e-mail: University Researcher Partners with Device Firm to Develop Cryogenic Probe A cryogenic probe that uses liquid nitrogen and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology in the minimally invasive treatment of liver
  • Porous Metal Handbook
    processing, instruments,. pressure regulators, cryogenic fluids, medical drug delivery systems. 2.) Fluid Flow Metering and Pressure Control;. i.e., flow restrictors, calibrated leaks, breather vents, pneumatic delays, timing. devices, gauge snubbers,and pressure equalization. 3.) Storage Reservoirs

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