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  • ProFlux (R) PBS with LCOS
    beamsplitters. in all cube polarizers and can be corrected with the addition of. compensation films. In practice, limiting the angular aperture to. How is a ProFlux™ beamsplitter used in a single. <10° produces limited, but acceptable, image contrast. panel LCOS rear projection display?. Nonuniformity over
  • The Display Applications and Physics of the ProFlux (R) Wire-Grid Polarizer
    wavelengths. Most polarizers suffer from an effect called skew-ray. depolarization. This problem is most pronounced in thin-film. Using the model of the polarizer as a birefringent thin film, it is. cube beamsplitters, but sheet polarizers also change performance. obvious that changing the wire-grid
  • Adaptive wavefront correction in two-photon microscopy using coherence-gated wavefront sensing
    20 cm, AC254–200-B; Thorlabs), L6 (focal length 10 cm, NT45–806; Edmund Optics), silver-coated mirrors M1–7 (340525; Linos), λ/2 wave-plate (10RP42–3; Newport, Irvine, CA), polarizing beamsplitter cube pBSC (335523; Linos), nonpolarizing beamsplitter cube BSC1 (BS011; Thorlabs), DM (37 ch; Oko
  • ProFlux (R) in LCD Projectors
    are the. solution. These design concepts eliminate the costly X-. cube color combiner, and replace the polymer polarizers. with durable ProFlux™ polarizers and polarizing. Figure 3. Schematic diagram of a commercial LCD. beamsplitters. These designs deliver higher contrast and. projector—a transmissive
  • How to Tell If a Surface Is Coated, and Which Surfaces Are Coated
    a glue layer. The first tip here is to look for coating overspray on the hypotenuse outer edges. This will only. occur on the coated half of the cube. If you have overspray on both halves, the prism was. assembled incorrectly: Only one hypotenuse face should be coated. In the absence of visible