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Conduct Research cells (CIG, CuGa, In, and InSn), it is possible to use a. localized heat source to bond them at room temperature. This paper discusses: Jim Hisert, Applications Engineer for. 1) the casting of these low-melting alloy sputtering targets, and. Indium Corporation, supports Indium’s. 2...

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Sputtering Targets Sputtering Targets Introduce

Copper-Indium-Gallium sputtering targets by Indium Corporation
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Sputtering targets for displays Molybdenum Sputtering targets for photovoltaics Spray wire
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Heraeus Materials Technology - Sputtering Targets
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Metal Sputtering Targets (include Rare Earth metal Sputtering Target): Al,Sb,Bi ,B ,Cd ,C,Ce ,Cr ,Co ,Cu ,Dy,Er,Eu,Gd,Ge ,Au ,C,Hf,Ho,In ,Ir ,Fe

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Copper gallium (CuGa) sputtering targets are used to create the absorbing layer in CIGS thin film photovoltaics.
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AZO rotary & planar sputtering targets, ITO rotary & planar sputtering targets, i-ZnO rotary & planar sputtering targets, Si rotary & planar

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SPUTTERING TARGETS & EVAPORATION MATERIALS AJA International, Inc. offers a variety of sputtering targets to satisfy virtually any requirement.
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