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  • Current Sensor Info.
    Open Loop Operating Principle In a hall effect-based current sensor, the magnetic flux, proportional tothe primary current, is concentrated in gapped magnetic corecontaining the hall effect device (Fig. 1). The primary current ismeasured without electrical contact with the primary circuit
  • Evaluating AC Current Sensor Options for Power Delivery Systems (.pdf)
    Current sensors are essential components in many power deAC Current Sensor Block Diagramlivery systems such as ac-dc and isolated dc-dc switch mode power supplies (SMPS), motor control and electronic lighting. As power supply manufacturers strive to increase the power density and reliability
  • First SOIC8-Packaged Hall-Effect Current Sensor With Integrated Current Path Introduced
    The newest current sensor family from Allegro MicroSystems, Inc., the ACS704, is the first SOIC8-packaged Hall-effect current sensor with the current path integrated into the package for greater sensitivity and accuracy. The newest current sensor family from , the ACS704, is the first
    Electrical runout is a commonly used term in the condition monitoring industry. It refers to the apparent displacement of a rotating shaft measured with inductive (eddy current) sensors caused by variations in the material electrical and magnetic properties
  • Eddy Current Profiles Parts
    current characteristic of a part with respect to the position variable. In a profiling application, either a dual- or single-element eddy current sensor is passed over the surface of the part and its position, with respect to that part is measured with a linear displacement device such as a linear
  • High-five to high-side current sensing
    High-side current sensing detects downstream shorts and avoids many sources of electrical noise and EMI. This ACS754 Halleffect current sensor from Allegro Microsystems measures isolated high-side currents up to 200 A using less space than a quarter. An exploded view of an Allegro Microsystems
  • Linear Position and Displacement Measurement With Capacitive and Eddy-Current Sensors
    Virtually all capacitive and eddy-current sensor applications are fundamentally a measure of displacement (position change) of an object. This Application Note details the specifics of making such a measurement and what is required to make reliable measurements in micro and nano displacement
  • Why Eddy-Current Sensors Are Now Replacing Inductive Sensors and Switches
    Both eddy-current sensors as well as inductive switches and displacement sensors have been used for many years, each having their respective advantages when it comes to measuring position and displacement of objects in harsh environments. However, recent advances in eddy-current sensor design
  • Sensor Sense: Hall-effect current sensors
    feeds an electronic circuit that checks it for control or overload sensing. A new generation of small Hall-effect-based current sensors simplify the task. Hall-effect devices measure current via the intensity of the magnetic field generated by the current flow. Of course, higher currents produce
  • Sensing Elements for Current Measurements
    There are many choices of sensing elements to measure current to a load, and the choices of current sensing elements can be sorted by applications, as well as the magnitude of the current measured. No one sensor is the perfect solution for all applications because for every positive about a sensing

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