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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CR6220-150-5 Digi-Key CR Magnetics Inc Sensors, Transducers TRANSDUCER AC 4-20MA OUT 1 PHASE
CR6240-500-20 Digi-Key CR Magnetics Inc Sensors, Transducers TRANSDUCER AC 4-20MA OUT 3 PHASE
CR4110S-5 Digi-Key CR Magnetics Inc Sensors, Transducers TRANSDUCER SPLIT CORE 0-5AAC IN
LT 1005-S Digi-Key LEM USA Inc Sensors, Transducers CURRENT TRANSDUCER 1000A
2814650 Digi-Key Phoenix Contact Sensors, Transducers MCR CURRENT TRANSDUCER
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    The most popular voltage and current transducers and meters actually measure the average absolute value of the voltage or current and are calibrated for the RMS value for a sine wave. input.
  • Understanding the Importance of Transducer Orientation
    When monitoring vibration on large gas or steam turbines and generators with fluid-film bearings, the relative movement of the shaft within the bearing is typically measured by a pair of shaft proximity (eddy current) transducers. Data from these transducers is used to produce a variety of plots
  • Should You Use Current or Voltage in Analog Transducer Readings?
    Several instrumentation monitoring applications including equipment monitoring, quality assurance and others require you to choose among the different signal types for your analog measurement transducer. The most common of these are either voltage (0-5 volts DC, or 0-10 volts DC) or current
  • Understanding Current Sinking, Current Sourcing, and Ground Loops
    You've just purchased some current to pneumatic transducers and are ready to try them. Each transducer has been carefully installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations and wired to its own 4-20 mA analog output. All of the transducers are being powered by a common 24 VDC power supply
    Ohio Semitronics, Inc. and other manufacturers build and sell inexpensive current and voltage transducers that measure the average absolute value of the current or voltage and are. calibrated in terms of the RMS value for sine wave input. These inexpensive transducers work well when the current
  • What is an I-to-P transducer?
    A transducer is any device that converts a signal in one form of energy to another form of energy. The device is referred to as I-to-P (or I/P) because it converts an electrical "current" input signal to a "pressure" output. The symbol "I" is used to represent current because current was originally
  • How to Measure Current and Make Power Measurements
    Learn how to measure current using transformers, transducers, and data acquisition devices. See how to use current measurements as part of a power quality analysis or power monitoring system. Safely measuring large currents in a laboratory or production setting presents many challenges
  • Introduction to the Two-Wire Transmitter and the 4-20mA Current Loop (.pdf)
    zero" and an alarm condition. Some installations still use pneumatic control today. Modern I/P converters (current-to-pressure transducers) are available to convert the 4-20mA control loops to common pneumatic ranges, such as 3-15psi, 1-18psi, 3-27psi, and 6-30psi.

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