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  • Building a Robust Path for Virtual Wind Turbine Design
    . Such a blade almost entirely consists of a complex laminated composite construction with various curvature geometrical topology with relatively low initial structural damping. Other complex subsystems that were characterized include the large oil-cooled gearbox assembly and the 160-tons and 100-meter tall
  • Collimation Tester
    a. radius of curvature, R. As a result, the path difference is. Reflected Beam. z. z. increased or decreased (depending upon the direction of. 45°. the error) and the interference fringes will not be. horizontal. The angle of the deviation from horizontal, α,. Incident Beam. can be found from sin α = s d
  • Precision Refractive Zoom Lens with Long Focal Length (.pdf)
    allowed us to adjust critical. parameters “on the fly” as tolerances of glass properties and mechanical components were stretched to measurement lim-. its. The refractive zoom lens has 36 glass surfaces, and all of the measurements of refractive index, radius of curvature,. and glass thickness were
  • Medical Device Link .
    be no cracks. Second, the edges must be clean, without dross or burrs attached. Also, precision and consistency are critical because the cut curvature is fine and highly complicated. Finally, thermal damage must be minimal. Some materials, like the shape-memory metal alloy nitinol, are heat sensitive
  • Featured Application: Laser Marking Curved or Cylindrical Surfaces
    at the far edges of curvature, depending on the depth of field of the focusing lens. Line of sight issues due to geometrical constraints are a second problem because marking around the entire circumference of a cylindrical object is impossible with standard stationary marking, even when using a 3-axis
  • Optical Dictionary
    occur within 0.25 seconds, and it includes the blink reflex time. Axicon lens: A conical lens that, when followed by a conventional lens, can focus laser light to a ring shape. Axis, optical axis: The optical centerline for a lens system. The line passing through the centers of curvature
  • Thermomechanical Working of AL-6XN© Alloy for High Strength Corrosion Resistant Applications (.pdf)
    . were given a 120-grit finish, followed by acid cleaning in 20% Nitric acid at 130°F for 5 minutes. The. ASTM G-48 crevice corrosion test was modified to accommodate the bar specimens. The PFA crevice. blocks were ground so that the curvature of the test blocks matched the curvature of the bar
  • Improved Interferometric Optical Testing
    the phase shift is independent of wavelength. Figure 2 is a schematic of a. Twyman-Green interferometer that uses the micropolarizer phase-shifting array (Proc. SPIE 5531, 304-14). Figure 3 shows the results for measuring a 300 mm diameter with a 2 meter radius of curvature, where the. mirror
  • Medical Device Link . Chlorine-Free Blends for Flexible Medical Tubing
    of the E-1/I-2 blend, including cost-effectiveness, can be said to be significantly enhanced compared with samples extruded from individual resins such as I-2. A comparison of the rekink property for several types of tubing is shown in Figure 5. Figure 5. Diameter of curvature at point where tubing kinks
  • Near Field Imaging of a Laser Diode Using Scanning Method
    field is usually defined as the optical field. where the curvature of the optical field at the diffracting. Near Field Beam Profiler Setup. aperture cannot be assumed to be planar, where Fresnel. diffraction formulation must be considered. For. 910PH-1. TO Can. Pinhole. 1550 nm LD. semiconductor lasers