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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
EA-MG-PGM-CBL Not Provided Operator Interfaces / C-more Micro-Graphic Panels / C-more Micro-Graphic Panel Programming S-z-W & Cables 6 ft. PC programming cable assembly for C-more micro EA1 series STN panels, CLICK CPUs, DoMore H2 series CPUs, and DirectLogic CPUs with RJ12 programming ports. Assembly includes (1) standard USB A-type connector to B-type connector cable, (1) custom converter, and (1) RS-232C cable with RJ12...

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  • Using Scripts for Custom Testing
    flexibility and speed. Our Scripting Success Stories contain many custom applications that involve scripts. For more information on creating scripts see our Developing Custom Test Applications page. Introduction to Scripting. Scripts use the LUA programming language (similar to JavaScript
  • Creating a Custom Ethernet Communication Interface to a Galil controller
    Jan-12. Application Note #4434. Creating a Custom Ethernet Communication Interface to a Galil Controller. For most applications, the standard GalilTools communication libray or API (Application. Programming Interface) provides the best method of communicating from either a. Windows or Linux computer
  • Getting started with Galil and C++ Programming
    /downloading programs &. arrays, and working with the controllers data record. Part II (Advanced) – Creating a Custom C++ Class. For the second part of this article, we are going to create a new class that allows the user. to expand the basic GalilTools api. The following assumes that you are familiar
  • Soft Motion Simplifies Motion Control Programming
    to the inability to. reuse software across platforms, applying different software implementations creates confusion. and increases engineering difficulty. Using custom, proprietary software to program and operate vendor-specific hardware—especial y. motion control ers and PLCs—has been the norm
  • Programming the Palm OS TM for Embedded IR Applications
    to insufficient storage space. characteristics. However, this technique of “hacking”. can offer interesting opportunities to insert custom. code into various portions of the operating system. The. result is similar to the functionality of a TSR in the days. of DOS, where an interrupt vector is “hooked
  • Programming the Pocket PC OS for Embedded IR Applications
    is a Microsoft. laptop contains an IrDA standard port. Foundation Class (MFC) C++ application. • Cost: IrDA standard communications may be. which relies heavily on the characteristics. added to a custom design very economically, as. of object oriented programming. demonstrated in this application note
  • Programming Windows XP (R) for Embedded IR Applications
    MFC aware. added to a custom design very economically, as. environment including Visual Studio 6.X, Visual Studio. demonstrated in this application note. 2003, and Visual Studio 2005. • Convenience and compatibility: Working without. wires means no cables, gender-changers or any. Note: The sample
  • Smart programming for smart cameras
    for a pharmacy. Machine-vision systems easily perform no-contact measurements. Once engineers realize the roles machine vision can play in their new designs, the next question is whether to use a commercial off-the-shelf (Cots) machine- vision systems or to create something custom. Many machine builders think

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