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  • Meeting Feedthrough Challenges on the A-3 Test Stand
    The purpose of this paper is to share the experience and knowledge that engineers at NASA and Douglas Electrical have gained regarding the specification of hermetic seals and feedthroughs used in engine test stand vacuum chamber applications. This paper looks specifically at the experience
  • Lean Initiative Enables U.S. Manufacturer to Stay Competitive, and Stay Onshore
    The purpose of this white paper is to share the details and knowledge that engineers at Douglas Electrical have gained over the years regarding the specification and sourcing of hermetic seals and feedthroughs used in space simulation vacuum chamber applications. Having worked with most major space
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    . It offers good mechanical and electrical properties and requires no postmachining heat treatments. The material's dielectric strength is 480 V/mil, and it is ideal for vacuum feed-throughs and all electrical and vacuum parts. Rescor 914 can be. MDDI (Bulletin Board) - July 2001. Skip to : [Content
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    kV. Standard feedthroughs are available as weldable and flange-mounted units. Custom configurations include additional coolant lines, custom coolant flow paths, solid conductors on the vacuum side, large flanges, coils, and other accessories. The <1-in.-diam single-conductor version can fit
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    . A cross-sectional pattern facilitates lateral flow. The screen membranes are custom fabricated in Class 10,000 cleanrooms. SaatiTech S.p.A., Veniano (CO), Italy. Feedthrough filters Ceramic chip components combine capacitor and inductor elements in a single distributed constant circuit filter
  • Medical Device Link . Two European Firms Named Medical Design Excellence Awards Winners Notified Bodies Are Effective, According to Survey Glass-to-Metal Sealing Finds Outlet in Implant Market US Supplier of SMA Products Gains European Presence EC Pr
    that has supplied glass-to-metal sealing and precision machining services to the military and industrial sectors for several years has been increasingly successful in adapting its technology to active implantable applications. Astro Seal Inc. (Riverside, CA, USA) typically develops a custom package