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  • Rotary Systems Continues to Improve Automation
    data and the air swivel is used to provide inert gas at the weld head allowing continues rotation and improving efficiency. Case Studies | Slip Rings. Products. Separates. Sealed Slip Rings. Packaged Slip Rings. Custom Slip Rings. Capsule Slip Rings. Industrial Slip Rings. How to Buy. How to Buy
  • Battery Terminal Tension Test
    BMZ is one the largest European suppliers involved in the design and manufacture of specialist custom made battery systems for mobile power applications. Battery terminal tension test | Electricals & Electronics. Home. Test Solutions. Industry. Aerospace. Case Studies. Aircraft Brake Unit Spring
  • LaserStar Workstations - The Jeweler's Tool of Choice!
    process can be performed quickly (normally in milliseconds) and does not scar or blemish the welding surface. In fact, by adjusting the laser's beam diameter, a smooth, near polished finish can be achieved with the laser. Since very little heat is generated at the weld point, users can easily weld 0.10mm
  • Switch to Rotary Batch Mixer Cuts Costs, Boosts Output at Food Ingredient Processor
    Quality Powder Ltd. of Newmarket, Ontario custom blends a variety of key food ingredients for one of Canada's largest makers of gum-based ingredients used in packaged foods. In 2010, Quality mixed more than 2755 tons (2500 metric tonnes) of ingredients using a ribbon blender, which did a sufficient
  • Fabrication Options for Zirconium and Titanium Clad Construction of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers (.pdf)
    and support attachments. Such mechanical connections are the only way to transition. between reactive metals and steel structural components. Horizontal vessel support saddles, lug. supports, lifting rings, and skirt type supports are all examples of structural attachments successfully. designed from steel
  • Zirconium Clad Pressure Vessels Offer Cost Savings in Highly Corrosive HCL Service (.pdf)
    to examine stresses in critical areas such as batten strap welds and jacket closure rings, shown in. Figure 1. Due to the high stress levels that the vessels would experience in operation, it was not. enough just to engineer the weld joints for hydro test pressures. Finite element analysis of standard
  • Medical Device Link .
    , which operates on the principle of iontophoresis, consists of two parts: a reusable generator and a disposable applicator. The applicator contains an inner ring that holds the drug agent, and a conductive ring through which electric current is run to deliver constant amounts of the drug to the eye
  • Medical Device Link .
    terminals, software, and accessories are also available. The firm can provide technical assistance, even with the most complex applications. Intelligent Motion Systems Inc. (860/295-6102) Machining Services A contract manufacturer uses laser and water-jet equipment to cut, drill, weld, mark