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  • Aluminum Wheel Handling Manipulator
    A Midwest wheel manufacturer was handling 40 pound aluminum wheels by hand and palletizing them from a conveyor. A system was needed to alleviate the repetitive stress injuries occurring to their operators during this process while maintaining productivity/tact times. A high-speed, servo drive PLC
  • Superior Superabrasive Wheels and a Cost-down Strategy Pay Off in Round Tool Grinding Operations
    The Saint-Gobain brand patented Univel G-Force superabrasive wheels with a grain-locking mechanism and a selfdressing wear-resistant bond have quickly become the industry leader in the grinding of round carbide and steel machine tools. Made-to-order and custom engineered for specific applications
  • Strong epoxy bonds without a hitch
    to the wood frame of a custom trailer designed to accommodate a wheelchair. The switch from mechanical fasteners to a high-performance epoxy improves trailer, RV, and fifth-wheel aerodynamics, makes them more durable, and eases assembly, says Bob Helvie, president of specialty vehicle manufacturer
  • Good grease, good landing
    Tests reveal that a new lithium-soap-thickened, synthetic grease may help mission-critical aerospace components keep rolling under extreme loads and corrosive environments. The C-5 galaxy military transport when fully loaded weighs up to 380 tons. E-2C wheel assembly bearings after the wash test
  • Encoder helps drag bike hook up and go
    contain a small, diametrically polarized magnet and a custom ASIC with an array of Hall-effect sensors. The sensors generate a voltage when exposed to a magnetic flux field. The ASIC detects the changing magnetic field and cancels any magnetic interference. The encoders come in seven to 13-bit models
  • Drive-on movies in L.A. West's conversion van
    engine boasts 285 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. That means this thing can move such that you might forget it weighs about 4.5 tons. The only time I really noticed the size of the van was when braking. Even then, the four-wheel discs with ABS were easy to get used to and yielded smooth
  • Sleek designs hinge on strong rotary joints
    Metal injection molding lets designers create tiny custom hinges for handheld electronics. MIM gave designers a cost-effective means of differentiating the Motorola V60C phone from its peers. Advanced Materials Technologies Pte. Ltd. molded the hinges from stainless steel and polishes them
  • Ford Ranger Edge 434 Super Cab
    Having slowly come to the realization that I dig pickup trucks, I thought it was high time I got behind the wheel of Ford's compact model, the Ranger. But, I don't think compact is an accurate moniker. The Ranger Edge sits as high as a full-size truck. According to Ford engineers, the Edge has

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