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  • Hydrogen Monitoring of CVD Process Tools
    of the flammable gases, diffuses rapidly and is colorless, odorless, tasteless and cannot be detected by the human senses. Hydrogen is flammable in concentrations above its Lower Flammable Limit (LFL) i.e 4% by volume or 40,000 parts-per-million (PPM). Hydrogen Monitoring of CVD Process Tools | Control
  • Improving tungsten CVD performance with in situ particle monitoring
    excursions, enabling corrective actions to be taken before yield is significantly affected. This article reports on the evaluation of an in situ monitor installed on WCVD systems at Intel's Fab 9 in Rio Rancho, NM. After a brief description of the equipment and data collection setup, the particle
  • Enhancing Performance with Pressure Sensors
    , offer. methods of construction, in particular the. extremely sensitive pressure sensing. accuracy with almost zero drift over. advanced strain gauge technologies of. sputtered thin film and chemical vapour. deposition (CVD). CVD is highly effective in the. manufacture of strain gauge sensors,. which
  • Products in Action
    hydrogen gas in the fab without the costly personnel intensive upkeep of typical discrete sensors. Hydrogen gas is explosive in the range of 4 75% by volume in air and is commonly used with diffusion, epitaxy, and CVD processes as well as emissions abatement equipment. It is often mixed with other
  • MICRO: Brave New Materials
    by causing failures such as shorts or opens within the metal lines of the circuit, which affect device operation. The only way to isolate particle contamination to a specific tool or process, such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD), or electroplating, is to use clean
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (March '99)
    mm, Process Probe 1630 instrumented wafers provide multipoint wafer temperature measurement of atmospheric CVD process in situ in real time. They are used to characterize processes, calibrate temperature set points, and evaluate temperature variations along moving belts. They can have up to 16
  • MICRO: Extreme Silicon - Sun (March 2000)
    breakdown voltage, form silicon carbide, affect oxide growth and quality, cause unintentional doping, contribute to degradation haze formation, and generate post-CVD defects. To prevent such effects, various techniques have been used to analyze organic contaminants on silicon wafer surfaces, including
  • MICRO: Prod Tech news
    germanium. PureFilm, an improved-purity grade of trimethylsilane, is used as a CVD low-k precursor for interlevel dielectric connections. With a purity specification of 99.999% (compared with the current industry standard of 99.99%), the chemical has become the low-k precursor of choice for the 90

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