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Parts by Number for Cyanoacrylate Gel Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CA-50-GEL-20GRAMS Allied Electronics, Inc. 3M/ELECTRONIC SPECIALTY MKTS Not Provided Adhesive; Cyanoacrylate; 45000 to 85000 cps; 1.07; Clear

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    characteristic of interest to the end-user is the viscosity of the cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylates are available in viscosities ranging from water-thin liquids to thixotropic gels. The driving force behind the development of products with such a wide range of viscosities has been the need to meet end-users
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    , and often the only, assembly method. Yet, all too often, the adhesive is not fully considered at the design stage and this results in much time and trouble for engineers when taking prototypes into production. Various grades of cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesives are available for bonding medical devices
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    in liquid form, cyanoacrylate instant adhesives are stored in high-density PE bottles to minimise the ingress of moisture into the liquid. These adhesives are generally available as colourless liquids, with grades varying in viscosity from 3 mPa.s to a thixotropic gel for application on vertical
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    cross-contamination. Available in a 1-ml size, the applicator works with surgical sealants and adhesives, orthopaedic cements, and other materials. Additional resources on joining technologies: The Use Of Adhesives For Catheter Bonding Fast-setting cyanoacrylate adhesives eliminate the need
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    . On the downside, UV-only products have curing limitations within shadowed areas, which can compromise high-speed manufacturing processes. To overcome this deficiency, Loctite Europe (M unchen) has developed a cyanoacrylate that cures either by exposure to UV light or by means of the standard polymerization
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    is that light must be able to reach the bond line in order for the adhesive to cure. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives. Cyanoacrylates are one-part, room-temperature-curing adhesives that can be provided in viscosities ranging from water-thin liquids to thixotropic gels. When pressed into a thin film between
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    provided to device manufacturers in the form of certificates of compliance, on an as-requested basis. Cyanoacrylate adhesive is used to bond flexible PVC tubing to TPE on a fistula used in dialysis. Over the past 5 to 10 years, several countries have come together to develop a more widely accepted
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    selection for automated dispensing. Light-cure cyanoacrylate technology offers manufacturers another option. Light curing cyanoacrylates are one-part, solvent-free materials with viscosities ranging from 20 to 900 cP. Upon exposure to low-intensity light, these adhesives cure rapidly to form

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