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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NH105A24MF1MT1DB PLC Radwell Industrial Devices Controls & Indicators, Control Accessory CYLINDER ELECTRIC 24 TRAVEL W/LIMIT SWITCHES
NH105A24MF1MT1DB PLC Radwell Danaher Motion Controls & Indicators, Control Accessory CYLINDER ELECTRIC 24 TRAVEL W/LIMIT SWITCHES
HSC04 PLC Radwell Bimba Sensors & Switches, Limit Switch LIMIT SWITCH FOR 3/4IN CYLINDER PNP 30VDC 150MA
HSC17 PLC Radwell Bimba Sensors & Switches, Limit Switch LIMIT SWITCH FOR 1-1/2IN CYLINDER PNP 30VDC 150MA
DK59L PLC Radwell Smc Sensors & Switches, Limit Switch CYLINDER AUTO-SWITCH

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  • Pneumatic Cylinders
    . tion of pneumatic cylinder position. industry since their introduction in 1975. In an extremely. Benefits: • Fast and easier setup unlike. cost competitive industry, customers recognize the value of. mechanical limit switches. our superior noncontacting, shock and vibration and EMI. • Superior
  • MBS 1350 - The Switch with a Difference
    . Procurement. Group Headquarter. Worldwide. Sales & Services. Ethics Hotline. > Home. > Business Areas. > Industrial Automation. > News Archive. MBS 1350 – the switch with a difference. 16 September 2010 In the mobile construction industry, inexpensive cartridge pressure switches are often used
  • Application: Hydraulic End Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    Finally there is a reliable way to precisely detect the end limit positions of pistons and cylinders, particularly when that detection is critical to the operation and/or can result in a disaster if the detection fails. Mechanical limit switches have been used successfully in the past, but can fail
  • Sensor Technologies to Detect Pneumatic Cylinder Position - White Paper
    Over the years, many users have abandoned the use of reed switches due to their failure rate and have utilized mechanical or inductive sensors to detect pneumatic cylinder position. AMR and GMR sensors are smaller, faster, and easy to integrate and are much more reliable however; they must overcome
  • Designing Motion-Control Systems With Electric Cylinders
    . Electric cylinders come in a variety of load and speed ratings, lengths, motor types, and load attachments. Their modular design lets them fit a wide range of machines. Internal construction of a belt-drive electric cylinder Electric cylinders are often used in simple bang-bang motion control
  • Application: Convertible Roof Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    Convertible roof position whether open or closed require a magnetic proximity sensor to turn off the roof motor. The reed sensor can reliably sense both end positions and activate or deactivate the motor. Microsoft Word - Convertible_Roof_Limit_Position_Sensor.doc Au. A t. u o. t m. o a. m t
  • Liquiphant M FTL 51 and Nivotester FTL 325P Limit Control
    . Liquiphant® (FTL 51) + Nivotester. Application. Tuning fork technology. (FTL 325P) are used as high level. switches for overfill protection in a. The project was to replace an aging. Tuning fork point level instruments. propylene oxide (PO) storage tanks. carbon steel, horizontal cylinder bulk. vibrate
  • Monitoring Vehicle Power Windows Using A Reed Sensor (.pdf)
    in the controls. Originally. rotation in a host of different configurations. the end limits were controlled by mechanical limit switches that were subject to. the environment, which would eventually effect their reliability over the useful. life of the window. If one’s hand got caught between the window
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Pumps and Valves
    in a fluorocarbon cylinder to enhance chemical resistance. Subminiature precision needle valves are designed to enable precise, sensitive, and repeatable flow control in pneumatic and fluid systems. The NV-30 series valves feature a needle with a 7- to 8-turn flow-control adjustment and maximum flow
  • Controlling high-performance electrohydraulics
    resistive measurements or limit switches, noncontact MDTs exhibit little wear and long life. They also feature high repeatability and accuracy to 2 A powder-compacting press developed by Best Press Corp., Castle Hayne, N.C., has six hydraulic motion axes that move simultaneously to produce uniform