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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FG2X05UP024   Euchner-U.S.A., Inc. Magnetic Proximity Sensors Inductive cylinder proximity switches are offered in wide variety on sizes and sensing ranges. Proximity switches are commonly used to detect position or movement of material, cutters, fixtures or parts. FEATURES. Selection of sizes (8, 12, 18 and 30 mm). Short circuit protection (EGL model...
102151PG   elobau sensor technology, Inc. Proximity Sensors Pneumatic cylinder switches for tie rod-, round- and profile mounted cylinders (small shape) with reed contacts. Plug.
End of Stroke Limit Switch   Milwaukee Cylinder Inductive Proximity Sensors We provide inductive proximity switches for end of stroke sensing. These non-contact switches detect the presence of the spud/cushion bushing. Designed for up to 3000 PSI hydraulic systems, as well as pneumatic applications. Available on the A, LH and H Series cylinders. The switches are two wire...
102290   elobau sensor technology, Inc. Proximity Sensors Magnetoresistive with cable protection against inductive spikes by means of a varistor. Mounting: alu clamp. * Pulse extension 20 ms; also available without signal extension, then switching frequency 1000 Hz.
102290PG   elobau sensor technology, Inc. Proximity Sensors Magnetoresistive with plug Protection against inductive spikes by means of a varistor. Mounting: alu clamp.
PCP-T18L-112   Comus International Capacitive Proximity Sensors M18 - Long Housing - Capacitive Sensor. Features: - Capacitive sensor, style: cylinder shape, diameter: 18mm. - DC 3-wire (10-30V DC), DC 4-wire(10-30V DC), *DC 2-wire (5V DC) also available on request. - Mounting distance: 8mm unshielded. - With LED operation indicate lamp, easily identifiable...
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  • Sensor Technologies to Detect Pneumatic Cylinder Position - White Paper
    with. magnetic field sensors. The first and. probably the most widespread is the. A better solution is to use cylinder. mounted magnetic field sensors. axially magnetized magnet, which is. that can replace two proximity. Traditionally, two proximity switches detect. switches, targets, or additional
  • Improve Workpiece identification, solenoid valve actuation and clamp confirmation on pallet
    actuation. moving. and clamp confirmation on pallet. Previous problems. cylinder switch. - Change-out of large pallets. solenoid valve. are time consuming and labor. intensive. proximity switch. Output unit. Remote amplifier. Solution. Rmote System. Remote head. After improvement. - Identification
  • Application: Convertible Roof Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    Convertible roof position whether open or closed require a magnetic proximity sensor to turn off the roof motor. The reed sensor can reliably sense both end positions and activate or deactivate the motor. Microsoft Word - Convertible_Roof_Limit_Position_Sensor.doc Au. A t. u o. t m. o a. m t
  • Workpiece identification, solenoid valve actuation and clamp confirmation on pallet
    identifying jig. Workpieces are identified by. Workpiece seating confirmation,. sensors at seating points. and start assembly. 24 x proximity switch. Output unit. shape identification. proximity switch. 8 x cylinder switch. Remote. amplifier. 4 x solenoid valve. Remote. head. Base head. Inductive Power
  • Combining 2-D and 3-D Laser Applications
    ; physical proximity is no longer a requirement for being close to the customer. It is commonplace to see two or three shops from parts unknown competing for distant flat-sheet jobs. The harsh reality is that lower margins have forced job shops to expand services and capabilities to avoid being left behind
  • Confirmation of workpiece on pallet and robot hand( 2 air gaps transmission)
    connection. leadtime of sensors and solenoid. vales on the pallet. - Also have desire to eliminate. connection time for robot hand. change-outs. Output unit RLY04. Solution. Rmote System. proximity switch. cylinder switch. cylinder switch. After improvement. solenoid valve. - Eliminated connection labor
  • Good Positioning
    . As a quick review, a magnetostrictive position sensor consists of a. One such area is packaging machines where designs have. permanent magnet that slides over a waveguide, a protective hous-. traditionally used multiple proximity or limit switches for feedback. ing, and combo sensing/output
  • Medical Device Link . More of the Best Products and Services of the Year
    and testing, and serial production. Rodenstock Pr azisionsoptik GmbH M unchen, Germany. Infrared devices A line of discrete, photoelectronic IR devices are suited for use in proximity switches, position detectors, motion detectors, optical mark readers, and medical diagnostics. The products include