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  • Improved Cylinder Duty Cycle
    A coke plant was spending in excess of $500,000 / year in hydraulic cylinder repair and had been previously trying to reduce repair cost by pursuing vendors with a low cost repair philosophy. The combination of high heat and coke dust created an environment that is one of the most challenging
  • Dummy Bar Disconnect Cylinder Upgrade
    of action which included: Redesign of rod end to allow for easier disassembly. Typical rod end removal required in excess of eight hours. Redesign of the rod bearing gland. Increase load bearing area. Material change. Redesigned seal cavity dimensions and configuration. Redesign Cylinder head, rod end
  • Caster Segment Clamping Cylinder Upgrade
    An electric arc furnace steel processor was experiencing hydraulic cylinder failure on the segment clamp circuit. New cylinders were failing in 3-8 weeks. Caster Segment Clamping Cylinder Upgrade - Industrial Resource Group, LLC. Industrial Resource Group, LLC. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
  • Study of Cylinder-Wall Micro-Structure (.pdf)
    An extensive study using a Scanning Electron Microscope to examine and compare the results of cylinder honing using rigid hones versus the Flex-Hone (R) Tool. The booklet examines what the honed cylinder wall surface should and should not look like. Three different studies are presented USA, UK
  • The Necessity Of A Plateaued Cylinder Wall Finish (.pdf)
    A detailed presentation of several test run engines with performance results of lower blow-by, increased compression, less ring and cylinder wall wear with the Flex-Hone Process. 28 pages. ./32ca6f21-1867-4b67-8cf5-8da6e1a68621 T H E N E C E S S I T Y O F A. P L A T E A U E D. C Y L I N D E R
  • Stiction: The Air Cylinder Problem That Wouldn't Go Away - Just Did
    The Airpel Air Cylinder does away with any perceptible stiction. And reduces running friction to exceedingly low levels. This gives it the unique ability to impart super smooth motion - motion smoother than any other air cylinder. Even at very low pressures. Even at very slow speeds. Even with very
  • Pressure Transmitter Usage in Gas Cylinder Depletion Warning Systems for Chemical Manufacturing in Oil, Gas, Petroleum and Chemical Refining
    Gas cylinder depletion warning systems have become an important part of the chemical manufacturing industry in safety, backup and production gas supply systems. Gas cylinder depletion warning systems are responsible for indicating visually, with sound or through interfaced control systems when
  • Gaging Transducers Improve Cylinder Head Testing
    at the. tion feedback. It provides accurate linear measurement and seal area as high as 2500 psi. As pressure test limits are ap-. eliminates the need for a hard connection to the core extension proached, the cylinder head lifts away from the steel plate. rod. This type of transducer is particularly suited
  • Advanced Rod Lock Cylinder Technology Enhances Plan tSafety Quotient (.pdf)
    cyLindeR. TechnoLogy enhAnces PLAnT. sAfeTy QuoTienT. ndustrial accidents occur all too often in a variety of workplace environments. Machine operators and construction workers regularly face potential accidents. from moving machine parts, hazardous chemicals and unsafe working condi-. tions
  • Exclusion Seals
    with a sealing lip at the bottom and a rod wiper at the top, so the wiper can perform as a pressure-energized lip seal inside the cylinder at the same time it wipes contaminants from the outside. The two most common types are a double-lip U-seal and a double-lip V-seal. Both are one-piece snap-in replacement

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