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48150. A cylindrical magnetron system is suitable for a variety of coating applications. Some examples include coated electrical leads for pacemakers, hard and biocompatible coatings for guide wires and stents, tool coatings, molded plastic optics, and decorative coatings. MPMN Equipment News... light primarily at 448 and 515 nm. Articulated arm: CO2 laser beam delivery device consisting of a series of hollow tubes and mirrors interconnected so as to maintain alignment of the laser beam along the path of the arm. Astigmatic correction: An optical technique using a cylindrical lens...

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Wavelength Technology Singapore Pte., Ltd
Laser Optics Beam Expander BEX-10.6 MiniBET 10.6 High Power Beam Expander 1030/1090 F Theta Scanning Lens
See Wavelength Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd. Information

Altechna ? laser related compotents and technologies
Positive Cylindrical Lenses Negative Cylindrical Lenses Water cooled beam expander Zoom Beam Expander - CO2
See Altechna Co., Ltd. Information

EE-527: MicroFabrication Vacuum Systems R. B. Darling / EE-527...
? Primary parts are: ? Compressor ? Expander ? Cold Head ? Gases are pumped by two processes: ? Cryocondensation (H O, CO , N , O , Ar, solvent

Thorlabs - Mounted Plano-Concave Round Cylindrical Lenses
Additional Cylindrical Lenses Plano-Convex, N-BK7, Uncoated Plano-Convex, N-BK7, AR Coated: 350-700 nm Plano-Convex, N-BK7, AR Coated:
See Thorlabs, Inc. Information

ASTM E587 - 10 Standard Practice for Ultrasonic Angle Beam...
In the angle-beam search unit, the piezoelectric element is generally a thickness expander which creates compressions and rarefactions.
See ASTM International Profile & Catalog

Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lenses
cylindrical Lenses have one flat (plano) surface and one cylindrical surface curved inward (concave). A Plano-Concave cylindrical Lens will diverge

Alpha Optics
Cylindrical Lens BK7 Cylindrical Lenses Fused Silica Cylindrical Lenses Color Glass
See Fuzhou Alpha Optics Co., Ltd. Information

OCA: Muriel Ravet; Etienne Samain; Robert Dalla; Jean Louis...
of 2'' Speed aberration s At 800 km s = 10'' Method of compensation: Cylindrical Lens Rc = 1.6 Km n = 1.8 D = 140 mm Interferometric Analysis Input

Large-pore mesoporous silica with three-dimensional wormhole...
as a silica source and the use of a co-surfactant as a pore expander under strong acid conditions, MSU-J mesostructures are assembled from low-cost

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