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  • Application: Hydraulic End Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    and. reaches its top end limit position, the magnet actuates the sensor and sounds an alarm. the Reed Sensor mounted and positioned to pick. on the end limit position/s. • The magnet is not affected by its environment. • Millions of reliable operations. • Cylindrical hole and screw fastening mounting
  • Application: Convertible Roof Limit Position Sensor (.pdf)
    a. e k. a do. d w. o n. w. n vol. o t. l ag. a e. g. e. 320. V. Consider some of the below options in cylindrical and rectangular versions for. Op. O e. p r. e a. r t. a e. e tim. i e. e. 0.5. msec. end position/limit sensors or other similar applications. Re. R le. l a. e s. a e. e tim. i e. 0.1
  • Application: Hospital Bed Position Detection Sensor (.pdf)
    specialized packaging for both the reed sensor and. the magnet to meet the user’s specific needs. Consider some of the below options in cylindrical and rectangular versions for. end limit sensor or other similar applications. Cy. C l. y indr. i. ical. c Panel. P. anel Mount. oun Series. Ser. e ie. i s. e.
  • Monitoring Vehicle Power Windows Using A Reed Sensor (.pdf)
    . • Cylindrical hole and screw fastening mounting. • Contacts dynamically tested. Applications. Figure 3. Window motor is running and sensors sense rotation speed and direction. • Ideal for sensing motor rotation associated. with power windows. Po. P w. o e. w r. e. r Wi. W n. i d. n o. d w. o s. w. s En
  • Ni-MH Battery Charger Application Library
    reversibly release the. EQUATION 1: ELECTROCHEMISTRY. gas it has stored. Different manufacturers have. developed many hydrogen-absorbing alloys used in. The Positive Electrode: battery manufacturing. NiOOH + H. –. +. . . . –. 2O. e. Ni OH 2 + OH. FIGURE 1: CYLINDRICAL CELL. The Negative Electrode
  • Comparison of diode-side-pumped
    is proper choice of the active. medium material, shape and heat sink geometry. From this reason many concepts of the solid-state active media. form were proposed and experimentally investigated.1 The cylindrical shape of the active medium can be, for. the purpose of high energy and high mean power
  • Medical Device Link . Top Products and Services of the Year: Reader's Choice
    conditions. SurModics, 9924 W. 74th St., Eden Prairie, MN 55344. Nickel-Cadmium Batteries Exhibit high energy density Cylindrical nickel-cadmium batteries are available in A and 4/5A sizes rated at 1.2 V at 1400 mAh and 1000 mAh. High charge/discharge rates render the sealed cells suitable for cyclic
  • FAQ about Shepard Niles Hoists (.pdf)
    around the pinion, the load and. separating force are balanced and divided up over two or three points (depending on hoist size) instead of. being concentrated on one point as in cantilevered designs. The resulting cylindrical form permits heat. dissipation over a full 360 degrees of the cover

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