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Parts by Number for D Sub 9 Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
9 PIN D SUB F National Microchip AMPHENOL Not Provided Not Provided
9pin SUB-D connector ASAP Semiconductor Not Provided Not Provided Our own stock
9-358 ASAP Semiconductor ATWATER Not Provided CONNECTORS/ D-SUB
9PIN-D-SUB ASAP Semiconductor MOLEX Not Provided Not Provided
ADF9PC SUB D 9pts ASAP Semiconductor 2006 Not Provided Not Provided

Conduct Research Top

  • Simplify A/D Converter Interface with Software
    interrupt response because the ?P does not have to loop while identifying each digit. Although the hardware and software shown are designed for the 8080, 8085 or Z-80, the same method can be applied to 6502 or 6800 I/O devices. Simplify A/D Converter Interface with Software AN785. Simplify A/D
  • A Small Form Factor 3-9 GHz Synthesizer Module for Use in SI Applications (.pdf)
    A novel 3-9 GHz fast switching frequency synthesizer module has been developed. The synthesizer employs a multi-loop VCObased design that delivers +15 to +19 dBm output power across the band. A built-in DDS provides sub-Hz frequency resolution with excellent spurious and phase noise characteristics
  • Nanopositioning with ALIO Ceramic Stages and Galil Controllers (.pdf)
    Output) mated to 9pin DB-28104. 15pin Renishaw D-Sub. 9pin Galil DB-28104 D-Sub. Pin # Description. Color. Pin #. Description. 1 A. - Brown. 3 A. -. 2 B. - Red. 4. B. -. 3 Index. +. Orange 7 Index. +. 4 +5. V. Yellow. 1. +5. V. 5 +5. V Green. 1. 6. 7. 8. 9 A. + White. 8. A. +. 10 B. + Black. 4. B. +. 11
  • Medical Device Link .
    such as medical device battery contacts. Contact lengths range from 2 to 9 mm at full travel. The headers are stackable to form 2 x 6 or 1 x 12 arrays, and they offer a current rating of 12 A and resistance of 10 m . Synergetix, Kansas City, KS, USA. An alternative to exclusively metallic push-pull
  • Fiber Optics Devices Based on VHGs
    ) technology is in many ways similar to Fiber Bragg Gratings except that the recording medium for the grating is not a single mode fiber but a bulk medium. The 3-D nature of VBG.s give us new functionalities that are not possible with FBGs or more generally gratings in waveguides. In this presentation we
  • Variation and genetic control of wood density
    that is interrelated to the proportion of latewood, wall thickness and cell size. Each of these components has an inheritance pattern of its own, but density is easier to measure than the individual components. Studies have shown that the inheritance of wood density is strong in pines (9, 10, 11, 12). Most
  • Software Implementation of Asynchronous Serial I/O
    Voltmeter (DVM)/Analog Data Acquisition System has been implemented using a PIC16C71, in which, upon reception of a command from host (IBM PC-AT Ò ), an 8-bit value of the selected A/D channel is transmitted back to the host. Software Implementation of Asynchronous Serial I/O. M. AN555. Software
  • Recent Progress in III-V Devices and Modules for Next Generation Mobile Handsets
    . C nne. haa. el. e. l. nne. nne l. nne. C. Co. Co llllect. ect oorr. Collector Sub. Sub- Co. o. C llect. llec. lle t. ect. c or. or. SI Ga. SI G As. A Subs. s. tra. Subs t. tra e. Figure 1: Schematic cross section of an integrated HBT and FET. S, D, G, BG are the source, drain, gate and back-gate